Swap Check this out! (salt fly swap)

Ed Call

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Holy shit guys, you enter, you tie, you meet face to face instead of using postage. I'll buy beers or for Chik it would be water on the rocks. I know I type and talk a lot, but when I fish and eat I'm pretty quiet.

Connor H

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Hey Mumbles,

I would love to do this but in order for me to make it up there I would need to know a week or two in advance so I can make travel arrangments.


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Mumbles - Thanks for the laugh. Maybe you should try a flow chart. I like the idea and would be all over it, but have a lot going on over the next several weeks. Post how it goes and I might host a similar swap in a couple of months.

See, now I'm confused! Upon first reading the plan, I understood quite well. Now, after reading all these posts about being confused, I'm confused about whether or not I''m confused. Should I be confused!?!?