AATF Swap Meet

Yup, The Second Annual AATF Swap Meet. Bring your old gear & trade, buy or sell. From 12-4PM at All About the Fly.

Date: April 25, 12-4PM
Location: All About the Fly

See you there!

Matt Burke

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Would it be appropriate to list here what I would bring? Also, I have to be at work by 3 to bring the aging process to a screaming halt. Is that OK if I cut run?
Sure Matt, you can list out what you plan to bring.

As an FYI, last year, there was all kinds of stuff, from Spey rods to Float tubes. It's a great chance to gear up kids that may be interested in trying out the sport.

Regarding the timeframe, its ongoing between 12-4. People were in and out thru the timeframe to buy & sell.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Kristin, this is Saturday April 25th, yes?

I suppose if someone needed to buy something new, the cash register would be open as well? ; )
Hahahaha, They were both more helpful than the dummy who didn't put date and location info in the original post.

The Swap Meet is Saturday April 25. From 12-4. At All About the Fly. If you haven't been to the shop before, we have a great back room space that we use for all our rod building and fly tying lessons. We'll open up this area for the swap meet.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I'll be up there. Won't be bringing alot of stuff, mostly there to bring stuff for Flybill and also talk to Sandy at AATF. But hoping to meet some of you there. I'll have my WFF hat on of course. :)
Thanks for re swap meet guys! It was great! I only bought a couple things and it was a great deal! For example: I bought an entire bag of dry fly hackle for $4 when it was retailed for $30

Thanks again,

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