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Okay with $ in mind what would you buy? I'm looking to stay well below $400 for rod line and reel. I've been told that an 8wt is the way to go. I own a 6wt and I've been told it's too light for steelhead flies. I just bought a very nice reel for the 6 and I love it. Thanks to Seth at creekside.

I'm not looking for an outfit I have to upgrade later. I want this to last.

I'm hoping to use this new setup here and on the Descutes. Fire away with suggestions and ideas.

Scott Behn

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Well an 8wt would pretty much get anything you might fish for in Puget Sound area, perhaps light for the Kings, but that's just one species out of how many:eek
As for staying below 400.00 I think you might be cutting it close. I'm sure you can find a really nice lamiglass for a reasonable price. Might even find some used G Loomis for a good price. But when you add in a reel that will put up with the abuse that these jewels of the fish world will do you start to hit that 400.00 mark if not surpass it.

Shop around this area is full of deals and places to find them.

what do i know, im just a rabid apache

find what you want and check out ebay. someone suggested that to me and i checked it half heartedly. wow! there are some deals out there. just know what you are looking for and give yourself a price range and you will do fine. happy hunting to you!


Jay Allyn

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The fish really don't care what rod you have. You can catch the same fish on a G. Loomis with a cheap $20 rod/reel/line combo. Now I'm not saying that you don't care about what rod/reel you have. I got an 9' 8wt. last winter for all my salmon/steelhead needs. The reel is a PFlueger and the rod is a "Three Forks" by Cabelas.:rofl But my dad would not by a G. Loomis or Lamiglass so....

Accually the rod nice and the reel had a smooth drage, I will keep the reel. Eventually I will upgrade the rod but it will do for a few years to come.

Rob Blomquist

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Well for an 8, a good reel is a Lamson Velocity, and it will set you back for about $200 retail. And if you want to go cheap on the reel, you can go Okuma Sierra or Integrity. These are inexpensive reels that will easily subdue a steelie. I use them on my steelhead and trout rods.

Now, for $200 you aren't going to find many nice prebuilt rods, but you could build one for that price. A Rainshadow XCEL blank and all the hardware is about that much, and all you need is a good friend to either build it, or loan you the equipment. Now the XCEL is a fast taper rod, if you wanted a slower taper, you can go Rainshadow IM7, and save about $50.

But you can also look at cheaper rods. WW Grigg makes a rod at about the $100 price point that is pretty nice, heck I am very happy with one of their $40 rods.

Another thing to consider is the Redington RedFly line. Labelled as introductory rods, but to me, they seem to be a higher quality blank with a cheap reel seat. I replaced the reelseat on mine, and its a fine rod. I paid $100 for a 3/4 rod.
I would fish with what you got until you KNOW by flies tossed and fish CAUGHT that it is too light. If you insist on buying than I would suggest getting a reasonable rod (under $275), a reasonable line and backing (under $40 for both, a Scientific Anglers air cel will suit you fine), and a Pflueger Medalist 1495 or 1595. Make your sinktips out of Cortland LC13. Used will work fine. Heck for $400, I could set you up with everything and it would be a custom bamboo steelhead rod, premium line, 30lb backing, Pflueger reel (a collectable but fishable 1496 1/2), and several sink tips. I'd even throw in a couple of dozen flies of your choice. Be careful of spending more than you need to spend to have what works great.


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I have a lamson velocity for my 6wt and love it. I suupose I would like it in the 8wt as well. Might just get another one and a little cheaper rod to start out with. Outdoor emporium had some kind of a G Loomis onsale so tomorrow I'm going to check it out.


Well I've decided I think to use my existing reel and get a couple of extra spools. What do you guys think of the G Loomis adventure series rods or the GL2?
what do i know, im just a rabid apache

im looking at a GL2 myself. i was looking at a GL3 but i really cant put that kind of money up right now and i need a new 5 wt fast. i was told that they are good, dependable rods, and with the included warranty, how can you beat it?


Old Man

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Well I have the same reel that you mentioned and I'm not to happy with it. It is for a 5 wt line. Had some problems when I first got it. The bearing fell out after a few uses,but I took it back to where I got it at and they replaces it. And since then I've been keeping tabs on the good one but don't like how it is holding up. It is just something about this reel that it likes sand. When changing flies don't set it near any sand as it likes it. I think that is how the first bearing fell out,Sand.

E...B...A...Y...!!! Theres ALWAYS new gear at discount prices on Ebay, save 30-50% on top quality stuff.
IE; Lamson Litespeed 3 200.00 new, Loomis GL3 9' 7w 175.00 new, Teton Tioga LA 3 95.00 new, Lamson Velocity 1.5 120.00 new...heres some good advice, check every hr or so and look for stuff you might be interested in, go for "buy it now" options to get first dibs. I was looking for a LLitespeed3 and didn't see any on Ebay, then checked back again in 5 minutes and there it was, buy it now for 200.00, I snatched it of course.
It took me about a year to find these great deals, but my patience paid off. Maybe it could for you?
Good luck!

peter ><>

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Jerry Daschofsky

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Hey, if you're looking. A friend of mine has a brand new Scott 8/9 wt I do believe (I know it's an 8wt). New, never used. Has a Teton Tioga on it with line. I think he wanted around $400 for it. Can't tell you all the details. But can get you in touch with him if you'd like. I'm not a Scott guy, so not sure if it's a good deal or not.


I've decided to stick with what I have till as mentioned before I know it's too light. I'm going to take a trip with a guide the first week of Sept and they use 6wt's so we'll see how it goes.
Besides maybe waiting a bit I will get a deal on a xmas sale LOL

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