you must have been on Lenice yesterday


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did I see you? I must have because it sure was crowded. It looked like the circus had come to town, the lot was so full of trailers and campers. Too bad the fish did not cooperate. I got 6 fish and felt good compared to a few people I talked with. The weather was awesome, there was no wind, fish were rising - but I did not see anyone slaying them. I heard Friday and Saturday were challenging days as well.
Olive patterns and a bloodworm worked for me. Still down low though. If I wasn't hitting weeds, I was not in the zone it seemed.
I heard from people that Beda and even Quail had a lot of people on them. Maybe Dry Falls and Lenore were empty, but Lenice and Nunnally were very full.

Stay a great way to spend a Sunday on the water.



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I was there too. Came over Friday, was windy till about 11:30pm. On the water Saturday around 9am. Hooked 7 (2 on Chironomids (16, red ice cream cone dropper) and 5 on a very sparse olive wooly bugger (this fly was a pheasant tail, green chenile, black thread rib and 2 pheasant fibers on either side of the head and caught all day, both days)

All fish Saturday were caught between 9:30am and 2pm. The lake does not seem to be turning over yet.

Sunday fished 7:30am to 11:30am Caught 3, one on chironmid, 2 on above olive fly.

I counted 49 boats on the water Saturday, never seen it so crowded. Was told Wenatchee fly club had weekend outing. Met alot of nice guys. Your report is accurate, I saw people catching fish all day, both days, but no one was "knocking them dead" It was, given the conditions slow fishing. I thought I would have done better with Chironomids, but all the other guys fishing them were not having much luck either.

The notables, for me were that all the fish I caught (bows) were 19 to 21 inches...Normally they run 16 to 18...with an occasional big fish.

There were chironomid husks (and some live in the water, but mostly between 8:30am and 1:00pm) West end of lake did not seem to have the same hatches (seemed to be less bugs)

Also caught 2 oddball fish, one was missing most of its dorsel fin, and the other had lost a gillplate? (See Pic)

Who drives that nice older suburban. I see that vehicle (black and grey and perfect) almost every time I fish Lenice.



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My girlfriend and I were on Beda Sat and Sunday. Very crowded also, 23 people on on Sat.
Fishing was good but not great. My girlfriend managed to catch 5 nice sized fish on Sat and lost at least that many. Sunday saw fewer people, 11 on the lake.


~El Pescador
Gris -

that sub is mine. My pontoon boat rolls in and out of that thing with the wheel on! Gas mileage is not great, it cost me about 60.00 round trip.
The sub is a 1990 and I am the second owner. It has 135K on it and does not leak one bit.
The last of the big boys! Not as pretty as it used to be but I try to keep it up. I has a front hitch put on as well and it has come in handy a few times. I'm having a tough time parting with it as it serves me well on road trips, pulls the 18' Larson boat just fine and works excellent to sleep in as well - all in one!
I hope it gets me over to the eastside another dozen times this year.

Did you see my camo livy under the trees to the left of the boat launch as well?
Hoping it is not in people's way and causing a fuss.

Will be back the first part of May.


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