Warning: New Member is a surface steelhead fanatic

Hey all:
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Todd, I just moved to Oregon in January from Hawaii. I live in the Springfield area and I am learning the local rivers (Willamette, McKenzie, North Umpqua, Santiams, etc). I have been a spey caster since 1995 and since getting my first steelhead on a waker on the Bulkley River, BC that same year, I have been hopelessly addicted to fishing for steelhead with surface flies. I stick with wakers through most of the spring to fall season even though it means getting fewer fish and watching other guys enjoy more success with sinktips and wet flies.

I have visited Washington rivers a few times and I have been able to fish the Skykomish, E. Lewis, Kalama, and Grande Ronde.

I tend to enjoy casting short/mid belly lines and occasionally double tapers and will occasionally use scandi heads in areas where there is very little backcast room. I lean mostly on light Echo/Decho 6126 rods for most of my steelheading these days, but I occasionally still enjoy my old Sage 9140 and 8136 for bigger water and winter conditions.

I am always up for discussions with fellow surface steelhead junkies!

God Bless,
Welcome aboard mate.
There seems to be a long list of steelhead junkies here.
I grew up in Southern Oregon, fishing the Rogue, and Applegate systems.
Your in the right spot to feed the addiction.

Ed Call

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Welcome Todd. I know squat about spey casting and fishing but I've now got two rods and I'm trying to get them dialed in to my lack of talent. Wether with a single hander or two hander I too am an addicted soul. Enjoy the water, weather and WFF. This place is very cool.
Welcome Todd. When I fish for trout, I stay on top even on lakes. However, I rarely chase metal on top. (Yesterday, I bought 15 more feet of T-17 at my local shop.) I'll toss a muddler a few times before 0600 but that is the end of it. Casting a floating line is a faster way to cover water and more enjoyable way to fish but not as productive. However, if I were into numbers, I would never use a fly rod.

It would be great if you would share your surface presentation technique and favorite patterns.:)
Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I have noticed several familiar user names on here from the other forum as well. In response to the question about my surface technique and flies - I just use the basic downstream swing and try to maintain a steady moderate/slow swing. However, after joining this site I already discovered something exciting - that video on page 4 showing an active swing with the waker and accompanying positive results! I am ready to start using that technique on my local rivers to see if it may help my success rate with surface flies. As to flies, I just use a modified Waller Waker with a black deer hair wing plastered with Dave's Flexament as a planing wing and a second split/flared stiff elk wing behind that for added visibility. I also use a riffle hitched McMillan steelhead caddis in brigther conditions and/or smoother flows.

Still daydreaming about my next surface grab,


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Welcome Todd,

Just want to say hello to you here, I enjoy your posts on the other forum a lot!
I know what you mean about the "surface addictive". I love to cast small fly and fish them close to the surface too. The swing thing is also very relaxing technique. Looking forward to read your trip report and photos. Mark


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poor 808 suffered out there in Hawaii, swinging a lonely DHer over salt, thirsty for the opportunity to get back on some rough-n-tumble steelhead rivers.
At last he's traded his plastic flip-flops in for some studded felts, and is back in the cradle of the legend again.

zat about right, 808?
Yuhina, glad you enjoyed reading my posts on the "other board" (speypages), I can't help my enthusiasm and love for fishing with surface flies and drylines.

Spaz, you seem to know me... Hawaii is no place for a steelhead junkie, even while wearing flipflops at the beach.

As we are getting into the season for having success on top, post or pm your stories!

Grace and Peace,