If you only had one fly outfit...


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Easy question: I fish exclusively for trout,
My favorite setup for the past few years is a Sage SP 8'9" 5-piece 4wt
Amen! I will go after trout too! 4 wt fiberglass 5 piece 8' and a simple reel with a lot of backing that I can use for running down the big boys.


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12'6" 4/5/6 meiser spey rod, 3.5 Lamson Litespeed, and two spools-one dryline and one skagit....is that allowed:clown:
I'm mainly a small creek guy who ocassionally fishes other things (saltwater, steelhead, redfish). But if I was limited to one set up, it would be for small stream fishing which is my bread and butter. I don't own anything close to what's considered high end gear but my 7ft, 3wt Eagle Claw Granger XG rod and ~ 50 year old Horrocks and Ibbotson Sportcraft 60 reel have given me many enjoyable days out on the water.
As the question is stated, I would have a 8'6" 7weight. A little light for some fish and a little heavy for some. But I could almost fish for any fish any time any where. I might be showing me age. When I started a 7weight was what you used.
8' 5/6 Mark Steffen S-glass for the rod, probably my Ross Colorado 2 for the reel lined with 65 yards or so of backing and the H&H WF5F with the uni-thread furled leader. Yeah, I fish primarily for trout...

the only reason I'd go with the glass over my bamboo, is it's a bit tougher...

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It's super easy for me. And I have a barrage of rods too. But my old Fenwick glass FF858 with the USA made pflueger that was originally bought for it. Which is a 8 1/2' 8wt. Caught my first flyrod steelhead on it. Have caught ALOT of steelhead since then on the rod (including a winterrun in January on it) and many other salmon and trout to boot. Isn't as heavy as one would expect for a glass rod and has enough give to run as a heavy trout rod. Has TONS of sentimental value to me as well, so adding that into it it'd be the one I'd keep.

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5 wt FT Dan Craft. Or maybe a 5 wt Batson RX8+. They are still fun on the leetle fishies, but have backbone enough to handle several line weights more. Load up either one with a Okuma Magnitude (amazing) and a WF6 floating line with a wallet full of sinktips, and we are talking business for most situations.

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I'd have to go with my 9'0" 5wt. Z-Axis for a general trout rod. If the situation were more specific, I'd go with something more specialized, like 'glass.