If you only had one fly outfit...

Ed Call

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... Just wondering if Mrs. Mumbles is laying down some rules on Mr. Mumbles? That would be a shame for Mr. Mumbles ... unless, of course, he would willing to part with some of his fine fly-fishing tackle? ... perhaps some willing trade partners on this site would also be interested?
BfJack, interesting theory, but officially not a viable theory.:D As for someone willing to trade, I'm always interested in seeing what is out there. I have amassed a bit of stuff and it sure is better for me when I can honestly {yes honestly} tell the mrs that I got this for one of my rods, reels, combo or something. She likes that it is cheaper than me just buying all the stuff I want but don't really need. Although it does keep her from having any major argument point...so it becomes..."you spend so much on postage and the damn USPS courier does not even bring our packages to our house".

That's an interesting observation, especially since Mrs. Mumbles is working on her MBA. Wonder if she's done an ROI analysis on his gear closet and concluded that the prospect of diminishing returns is as hard to ignore as gravity?

Also astute Kent, but I'm pretty sure she is totally afraid to even consider entering the "shit pile" where all my fly rods, camping gear and snowboards live in my man cave of a destroyed cellar. Besides, when she has said MBA I should be able to buy more stuff, right?

Actually, there was no hidden plan, I was just curious. Having had only one rod a long time ago, a Cabelas starter 5wt and I think a Cahill II reel I've filled the quiver with a lot of things. When I survey them I don't have that mystical connection yet with any one of them, but there are a few that I really like. Today I did use a recently acquired custom 4wt to land a nice, fat, bright 24" stocker rainbow in a tough lake. That was pretty sweet.

Ed Call

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Did you catch that 24" wearing a pair of full flexing progressive action Donald Plinar shoes? :) : beer2:
Porter, WTF? I have no idea what the hell kind of shoes those were. I was wearing my Korkers guide boots and Omega Navigator fins.

mumbles, is your wife making you get rid of all your stuff?
is so, that sucks
i don't know what my ideal outfit would be
No, everyone wants to read something into this. It is just a question between fishing outings. Actually I've been selling some of my backup rods because I have not fished many of them in some time. I have enough at each weight that I don't need to go two or three deep at any weight. Why Colton, are you in the market for one of my backup rods? I'm not selling any primaries. Often I can get enough for the sale of one to buy another reel or something I want. Call it a bit of self sustainabilty in my constant quest for more fishing gear.
Ed, I commend you on your effort to reduce your "graphite footprint" and properly manage you sporting possessions. Yes, most of us must live within certain financial/relationship boundaries which helps (in some ways) limit our play closet expansion. However I have not matured to the same place as you just yet. Since my gearhead addictions are still in control, I must respectfully decline to answer your question.
P.S. This thread has scared the hell out of some of my rods. I'll have to spend the rest of today reassuring them.

Ed Call

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I'm attempting to sell three that see little use in my collection...and if successful might buy one that I've got my eye on. That is downsizing...

I still have a few gear rods, but they have not seen any use at all in a long time. Maybe I should sell them.

Ed Call

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Easy there sparky, you better meet me before you start thinking you're gonna slap me with a rod. There have been some spinning gear sales in our classifieds, but I don't think that I'll go that route. I've got some decent stuff that will do well for the occasional non fly fishing guests and for my girls as they grow into the sport. I'd rather have them fishing spining gear than not fishing. Eventually they might like the fly.

Richard E

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Loomis GLX 6 weight classic (or comparable Streamdance HLS). Over ten years old, cutting edge then and still class leader, and outcasts newer models from other manufacturers. Super light (2.9 ounces), medium fast action that is sensitive and casts needle sharp loops, yet is forgiving to the user.

Sage 2560 or Galvan T-6 reel.

Scientific Angler Mastery lines.

Jeremy Floyd

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Don't sell your gear rods Mumbles. Good equipment is like money in the bank. You never know when you will need to make a withdrawal in the future, right?

Ed Call

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Great point Jeremy. They are not hurting anything in the corner of my garage. Besides my friends dad visits a few times a year from MT and is always welcome to use my gear.
My favorite fly fishing outfit is the floral print mini with the red synthetic t-shirt. Add a pair of Crocs or Keens for wet wading and I'm all set. :thumb:

Ed Call

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My favorite fly fishing outfit is the floral print mini with the red synthetic t-shirt. Add a pair of Crocs or Keens for wet wading and I'm all set. :thumb:
Now that is a true "Trail Blazer" outfit for sure. I love the sense of humor, but in all that well thought out outer and footwear I think you forgot your fly rod.