Somebody stole my boat last night and I am really really pissed off. Its a little 8-9 foot v-hull dinghy. I had launched it to use for opening day tomorrow. Did any one launch a drift boat on WARD LAKE and take it to a private dock and use my boat to ferry back to the launch. I WILL TAKE YOUR DRIFT BOAT IF YOU DONT GIVE MY BOAT BACK ASAP!!!! IM REALLY REALLY PISSED SO PLEASE RETURN IT SOON:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
It wasnt't the guys in the drift boat i discovered. Its a small v-hull, white on the outside and a light blue interior with dark blue artistic paint spater. Karma paid me back though and i landed 53 fish the first day and 23 today. I did have a huge fish on but snapped me off on a limb. good day, and Im pretty sure im getting my gramps 10ft pram in return. No i need to get a boat seat for the pram... any one got one??


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I feel for you. My pram was stolen from my parents house. It was my fishing boat. That was 25 years ago and I still get:mad: when I think about it. When we bought it it was raw wood. We stained the hull, and painted the bottom white. I went to take it out one day, and it was GONE bawling:

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