Swap Pink Salmon Fly Swap

Those flies look really good! They should fish. I usually tie my Pink salmon flies on SC 15 size 2-6 since they aren't very big. I have tied some on larger Daiichi size 1 but probably wouldn't go bigger. Depending on the fly I choose to send, they will be on a size 2 or a Daiichi size 1. I'm tying several choices that will definitely fish. The best one, The Triple S doesn't look like much but it fishes really great in salt water. I'm tying it on the Daiichi hook now to see waht it looks like. When I get a few done, I'll send a picture.
steve i changed my pattern i ran out of materials for the other one so im tying somthing diffferent. i dont know the name of this(if it even has a name. but will ship out as soon as i can
No worry mate. I still haven't decided which fly to swap. I've tied enough of two patetrns and am working now on a Clouser done with a new material called Baitfish Emulator, all in bright pink with yellow eyes. It should be a killer.

Ed Call

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Damn, the bar is being set pretty high based on the photos in this thread. Looks like you all are insistent on making me the lowest contributor and greatest gainer in this swap, like many others before it. I've got an idea or two on what I might pull off that will please the pinks and maybe the anglers too.
Dude, don't worry. My patterns are very simple and easy to tie. I'm not the best tier because I tie to fish, not for looks. Some of my ties look great, others look like dog meat.


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this is what i am up to
lets call it a pink fergie

you all tied up some sweet specimens
sorry for the blurry photo
the camera was drunk