Aluminum Pram

IM getting a really nice 9-10ft. aluminum pram to replace my stolen boat(my gramps can't remember what the length is). I would like to rig up an anchor winch system with on on each end of the boat. any suggestions where to get pulley systems? I would also like to get some sort of lowprofile box that can store the rope and not get any my way. Also, is there any good battery boxes out? I want one because my neighbor tipped his battery in his aluminum boat, caused a short circuit and burned to holes into the bottom, and I've already had a boat stolen, and I dont want another one to be lost. O, and any way to rig a lock and key system to keep the theifs away??? Thanks for the help.


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The Pocket pullers are nice, but they are spendier with the bases. I've used them both. If you don't use an appropriate backing plate on the Pocket pullers, you will damage your boat if the aluminum is too thin. I'd go with the Scotty's, they are around $25 each and have a hard wide composite backing plate that can be mounted 2" long stainless hardware. With both the Pocket pullers or the Scotty, they can be easily removed for transport. I also found that the Scotty's hold up well with use of up to 15 lb anchors, Im not sure what the rating is for the Thomas', but also something to consider. Also, depending on your angle of mounting on your boat, the Thomas PP will likely be too short and end up banging your anchor on the side of your boat, and will have to get the optional extension arm. The Scottys are like 4" long, so they end up working out pretty well right out of the box.

I also didn't like the idea of drilling into my Koffler pram, so I cut one Scotty rail mount backing plate and mounted the anchor mount on my casting stanchion. If I had a wooden boat such as Smith Bros. Pram or a Spring creek, I'd use the Pocket Pullers... if its an aluminum or other jon boat pram, the Scotty's are perfecting fine.

Good luck with your search...


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Not unless you want to use a couple of vise grips. You might do more damage to your boat if you try to Jerry rig something that clips on or doesn't require any holes. I guess you could use a rope cleat, but still would require drilling somewhere. It'd be a pain in the ass to pull without some sort of roller or pulley. If you're going to be serious about Chironomid fishing, you gotta have a solid double anchor set up.


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Regarding your battery. Any case from a automotive store would work. It would be good to strap it down, especially in an aluminum boat. You might also want to look at a sealed lead acid battery or AGM. They're be more expensive, but you wouldn't have to worry about acid spilling in the bottom of the boat, especially with the AGM battery.