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i didnt want you to take it personally, so im sorry if i came across like that. the topic of the spokane river gets me in an emotional frenzy every time i ponder it, which is daily. the river is a part of my everyday life and i just wish others could cherish it and learn from it the ways i have. its an under appreciated part of our city, and i just feel like it gets no respect, so i get a little angry. the whole avista "settlement" is just another slap in the face and to be honest i dont have alot of hope for the rivers future, at least not in the current directiont hings are going. the water fountains dont mean much in the big picture, and while it is a step forward to save any water we have been flooring it in reverse for the last 100+ years. while its important to do what we can to help the river, i think the most important thing we can do is have some moments of reflection while sitting along the bank, watching the water flow on its endless journey. watching the herons fish, and just enjoying what we are left with to the best of our abilty. never again will we see a salmon run on the river, and its not gonna be safe to eat the fish. time might cure these problems but not before generations pass. the spokane river is a sad story that has been repeated over and over across the world. the root of the problems is our species and societies.
the spokane river is a sad story that has been repeated over and over across the world. the root of the problems is our species and societies.

true dat.

By the way, I went by Swede's Fly shop today and right on the window next to the door there is a poster that says, "please help save our native red bands," then lists a bunch of ways we could do it. It is really informative. Anyway, the person working there said that the river should be clear and lower by the time it opens on June 1st. Hope to see you all down there! :cool:
Word, I feel you. There have been many times when I get frustrated at a bogus policy or regulation dealing with the Spokane River. It's easy to get apathetic when it comes to the river, but it has so much potential! That's why you have to focus on all the good it has to offer and take every victory you can, no matter how small; even if it is just a few drops. After a while those drops will add up.


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I agree, Dustin. The potential is pretty limited at this point. Avista is just about done relicensing their dams. It's virtually a done deal. I only participated a little in some of the public meetings. Most of us will be dead when relicensing comes up again.

As long as Grand Coulee Dam is in place we will never see salmon or steelhead. The other "foe" of "ours" is the Lake CDA property owners. The lake is maintained somewhere near 8 feet above its natural level. They really control the flows more than Avista.

The best we can do is to be good stewards of what's left.
what a great frontpage artical! go figure the major media outlet (for print) in spokane writes a artical that shines good light onto the company that has the same owner and makes the paper that they use to print on..... im not tryin to sound like a conspiracry nut, but REALLY who do they think they are fooling?

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I understand the feeling of frustration here, this is a beautiful river defiled by many, many people. I have caught some very nice looking fish out of this river and to know that they are contaminated with pollutants makes me sick. The amount of shit I see along the banks of this river is absolutely ridiculous. This could easily have been one of the more sought after rivers in the west. As it is............well, it's just sad really, yet I will fish it until those beautiful trout disappear altogether, which I truly hope doesn't happen.:thumb:

Pic of a nice brown, Spokane River behind me!

I was fishing the eddy below Upriver Dam the other night (not exactly like I'm spoiling a spot, it gets hit by a lot of people), pulled one out of there on a Copper John, little guy. There were some nice brown's hitting the water hard. I tried several things, a couple midge patters, but couldn't get any takers on the top. Any ideas?