Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Spent 3 days on Pyramid Lake 4/21-4/23. This was my best trip ever, with perfect conditions and tons of hungry fish. I caught and released approx 80 Cutthroat in that time, with the average fish around 20" and the largest approx 6lbs. All the fish were taken sightfishing from 6 inches to 3 feet of water. It's really quite an experience and rivals any sightfishing found here in Florida! Temps were warm, but it was pretty windy...infact the last day it was HOWLING a solid 25-40mph with some gusts probably approaching 50. Thankfully the casts were all very short, but sometimes that was even a challenge with a 5 weight.
Pyramid is one freaky lake! They say the bottom has never been found...and a few who have drowned as well! Quicksand at the mouth. Yikes! Those Lahontan Cutties are beasts!
To heck with what kind of flies or rod you used, I wanna know what brand/model ladder you used! Do people really bring aluminum step ladders to cast from???

Nice fish by the way; I've also wanted to go down there some spring.
LOL.....yeah I would say 90% of the flyguys there use ladders pretty much all year. I can understand why guys use them much of the time, but this time of year I just dont get it. When you can catch hoardes of fish shallow, why they keep ladder fishing w/ shooting heads and heavy rods is a mystery to me. This one day I was catching some fish behind a couple of ladder guys who were way offshore. They saw me catch a few, then turned their ladders around and started casting towards the bank :D:rolleyes:

Paul W
Nice report. As impressive as those fish are, I'm most impressed that you were wet wading Pyramid in April. :thumb:
LOL....the water was cold, but the air temp was pretty warm. Honestly, I never even got in the water except to unhook/release fish. If I was wading I would have been stepping on the trout :)

Paul W

Charlie Erdman

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glad to hear things have picked up down there. I went down in the beginning of April and things were very slow. Water temps were still cold, so fish really hadn't moved into the shallows yet. Nice pictures
You got into some good fishing. If you were sight fishing from shore and getin hooked up that close in, the fishing was extremly good for Pyramidptyd Thanks for the Report.


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I live a couple hours from there and yes, there are gazillions of large cutts cruising close, but I have never caught one.

Maybe it was the Abel hat and reel...........