Watercraft options?

I'm in the market for something to get out on the rivers and lakes with. Ideally looking for something inflatable for now but am open to anything at this point. My draw back is I don't get out without company lol. Normally during the week it is just my girlfriend and I but on weekends and summer coming that will change with our 4 kids who love to fish. I've been looking at some guide model drift boats for the rivers but looking for something to fit the bill until then. We have been tossing around the idea of building a wood drift boat which would toss the fishing way off for now. So what would you recommend? The kids will mainly be plunking bait or tossing spinners while we fly fish. I did the 12' jon boat thing a few years back with just my 2 kids and me. Casting was iffy at best in it with it's stability and last thing I want to do is go swimming do that enough wading rivers in the fall. :rofl: Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ed Call

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GT has a super cataraft listed in the classifieds. Two frames with multiple configurations. I'm not sure what you would need to get six out on the water, but if some will be fishing lakes from the shore or docks then two or three could be on that caratraft. As his ad says, it is a true whitewater rated cataraft, it should more than handle your river fishing needs. There has been some chatter here by guys with pontoons that often go solo. Search that out and maybe some of us can get together on those days and float solo in our toons but along with others. Best of luck.