anyone want to take a newb to the salt

i have sunday off and i have never fly fished the salt before and i want to give it a go. i would love to learn how to catch sea run cutts if anyone is willing to come out with me or i will go down to pacific and drill ben on the finer points and brave it on my own.
Morrison, Sean has it pretty well dialed in, as does ben. I am looking at getting into salt fishing also. We could always get out and hit a beach or two, let me know.
Nathan Keen of the Avid Angler gives an excellent two session class on fishing Puget Sound. The first session is in the Avid Angler store during an evening. It is followed by an all day session on local beaches fishing for sea run cuts. I am glad to have taken this class. I learned a lot.

The next class is June 11 and 13.


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not the hog he was looking for
but you only ever have one first....

apparently the size of the smile is not related to the size of the fish
good work!

took me 11 months of trying
Oh dang! I recognize that spot AND that fish....that's the same exact fish I caught the other day, same size, same color, same everything! I guess that's what I get for posting secrets on the "web!" :eek: :rolleyes:

....seriously tho, nice catch, congratulations!:D Took me over two years to catch my first SRC and my first coho too! And it was worth every minute of the long wait....and my sore arm & shoulder from practicing my horrible casting :beathead: so much too, ha!:beer2: