Swap 2009 Summer Steelhead

any color requests?

I think Ill go with orange / grey. Is that low water enough? Or should i do some Blue steelie dubbing stuff
Both sound great to me. I'm the about as far from an expert as you can get but when I think 'low-water' I'm mainly thinking sparse pattern and light hooks in smaller sizes for post runoff fishing.
Thanks dude! :thumb: You are as well. I am excited about all these swaps going on right now. I have been a tying machine as of late. Now I'm going to need to get out and fish all of them when they start rolling in!
well i have been done with my flies for a while, but just havnt got around to sending them out yet. but they should be out this week. and again, i cant wait to see the flies. ill try and post a pic later.


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