Complete Beulah Switch 7/8 Outfit (Dialed In, Ready 2 Fish)

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I really like this setup. I honestly am only selling it because a close friend is offering me a sweet deal on some classic gear and I need some money to finance its purchase. Since I am laid off I got to sell off something to get something.

This rod with the Tonic will throw whatever you want including T14 and leeches. With the Elixir it will be as precise and soft in low summer conditions as you could want. The Elixir can also be cast overhand like a single hander.

The whole setup is well balanced and very versatile. It is also aestheically pleasing to the eye. It is light in the hand, fun for smaller fish, but can handle very large fish as well. I caught a few chums on it last Fall to test its backbone and was very surprised.

- Beulah Switch 7/8, with tube and sock, used but babied condition.

- Lamson Radius Hybrid 4, a couple tiny dings, balances this rod perfect, nice and wide for the fat Tonic line.

- Elixir Belly for this rod with welded loop, like new.

- Tonic Belly for this rod with welded loop, like new.

- Airflo Ridgeline Running Line 30lbs, like new. Shoots much better than the running line that comes standard on the Elixir and Tonic.

- 200 yards of chartreuse 30lbs Micron, connected to running line with perfect albright knot and dot of super glue.

-Suede Reel Pouch

400$ OBO, No Trades

Mike T

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Thank you Ringlee! You may have saved my marriage. I'll look for you on the beaches around GH, I have a 5/6 and 6/7. We will need to get these kids together.
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