Beaches, High Tide, and Back Casting

This week, in the evening after work, I have been dealt my first experiences with fly fishing at my local beach at high tide.

There is virtually no room to back cast there unless I wade out, which I don't. I have been casting(practicing, at least) nearly parallel to the shore, but want to get the fly out further without hooking a jogger behind me in the eye.

I've seen videos of single-handed spey casting techniques, but as a beginner, it's just too much for my current skill level.

What about using an ultralight spinning reel on my existing fly rod, a casting bubble, and my usual flies until the tide ebbs enough to be fished "regular"?


Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
It would work but that would kinda be on the outer edge of "fly fishing". I believe that whatever you can do to catch the fish in an ethical manner will be good enough. When you start to advance on your casting technique try a switch rod or even a light spey rod. they REALLY help when the tide is up...


"Chasing Riseforms"
Try a T-Bone cast. Otherwise, fish the ebbing tides instead like I do. Fishing is better usually for me then anyway, for cutts.

Chester Allen

Fishing addict and scribbler
If the water level is that high, you are probably at high slack, which usually isn't the greatest time to fish for cutts anyway. You could start fishing earlier in the incoming tide, and, although the water will eventually push you on up the beach, you may get better catching.
And the beach may fish better on the dropping tide, which will also give you room.
Finally, as Steve said, learn the roll cast.

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