Ed Call

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Not a bad equasion. I had a very limited time to fish Friday. I was armed with two new to me rods, one double hander and one single hander. I had the 6wt single loaded with both a floater and intermediate. I had a small collection of lines and heads for the two hander. I flailed about for a while with the two hander while not seeing any fish. I was there to try the lines and found a couple that were not too bad, but I'm sure there are better options. After an hour I put it away and drove to another nearby beach since I had not seen any signs of fish. I strung up the single hander with the floater. Just a few casts into it there were a couple of splashy follows on one of Leland's poppers. Having seen fish but not quite gotten any stricks out of them I decide to go intermediate. It was a bright morning, and this proved effective a few casts later. Not large, but a nice looking 13 or 14" SRC with some more than expected spunk. About a half hour later I found another one of his friends of about the same size. Time to go, the final dress rehearsal for my 5 year old's first ever production...the day was great to this point and the Not Fishing Related portion of the rest of the day and evening was even more enjoyable. Yesterday was a hell of a good day.

Connor H

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Deuces Wild Mumbles!!! Way to lay it down kid! I am headin' out to Moses today to boat with the family but there are some beddin' largies callin my name!
Good on ya for getting out! I hope to make it back out to the salt soon, and catch my first src of the year (it's been a slow year in the salt for me). I hoped you had fun with the two hander! We'll have to go hit (flail) the rivers when they open up!

Cheers!! Happy B-day to the kiddo!

Ed Call

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Thanks gents! Connor, you're not targeting them on their beds are you? Dinker, heck yes, let's get out so you can show me a thing or two!

Jason Shutt

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Nice Ed, you did much better than I did Friday. I ended up calling in lame and going to work, then proceeded to make the drive out to Cady for the usual skunking.

One of these times...

Ed Call

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Maybe two fridays from yesterday we can go hit Cady. I've only fished there three times now, skunked the first, fish to hand trips two and three. I did manage one that was 24 so there are big dumb ones around for me, you should have an easy time with them.

I hope you got over your brief attack of H1N1 and can return to molding our future on Monday!

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