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IM going to build my first rod, a 2 weight for small trout and bluegill etc. Im looking for a Sage or Rainshadow blank. what do you recomend? I test casted a members hand built sage and loved it. He said its like a 600$ rod that he made for 200, that would be a perfect over all build price.

Ethan G.

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Sage and Rainshadow are worlds apart. A Rainshadow blank will set you back about $30, a Sage blank will cost about $270 (for a TXL). I'm not aware of a Sage rod that can be built for $200, except maybe[i/] on a discontinued blank.

If I were you I'd start off with a Rainshadow. That way, if you make a mistake while building it, it wont be a $350+ mistake. You can move up to Sages and other premium rods when you feel comfortable.

That's my advice other than just have fun with it. Rod building is an amazing supplement to fly fishing. Hope all goes well!


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I just finished my first rod--on a 6'6'' 2 wt. rainshadow blank. I would recommend going with the cheaper rod just because it will be easier to forgive yourself for the first rod mishaps that are all but inevitable (if you are me at least). Even if you don't like it, you could just consider it a $30 practice session.

I would also agree with Tyler that a sage may be a bit excessive for a 2 wt., a softer action rod might even be better for 2 wt. type fishing.
I would prefer the longer sage though since I would be using it for stillwater mostly and ocasional stream fishing. I might not be building this alone, I might have a guy help me with some of it, so I don't think it will be to bad..... but I guess Ill get a Rainshadow and try with that first. Wow, I just checked out the prices, I could easily make a two weight, and some sort of beach/ stillwater cannon of a six weight as well for the price of one sage rod build! IM defenitely getting into rod building now:thumb: I could make the 5 weight switch I have been dreaming of


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If your looking at those 5 wt switch rods on ebay, they are sweat! I personally don't have one, but I want one. You should try that and then tell me how hard it was. Like let me know on a scale 1-5 or something. :)
Good luck with the build jacob. Hey, also I saw on this site.....mudhole.com they have TFO rod kits cheap. Check that out.
Again, good luck,
Foud the perfect rod, a TFO 7ft. 3inch Lefty kreh Finesse and its pretty cheap, I got to wait tell school work slows down if I want it to be good, so Ill start by making a rod winder thingy out of a shoe box. I need thread color suggestions for being against a dark blue rod with silver accents. I am defenitley putting on some feathers and my signature of course. Should I use single foot guides or double foot??

Ethan G.

I do science.. on fish..
The Finesse is a great rod. Excellent choice. The blank is a dark green, just so you know. Dark green Gudebrod nylon thread with silver accents is one of my favorite combos. For lighter weight rods, I'd go with single foot guides. They make the rod lighter in weight and action, if that's important to you.

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