So who went out and braved it this weekend?

Rob Blomquist

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Well, I did chores on Saturday and watched the flows on the Sky dropping so I felt that Sunday was the ticket. I got up Sunday morning, saw the flows were up 2 feet from the previous morning, and I hung it up and took the dogs for a badly needed run at marymoor. They were happy, my wife was happy, but I was not too thrilled. Maybe I have earned some points for later in the season.

Tell me that I was wrong. How was the fishing this weekend?


Just cast, would you?!


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Fished the upper Skagit sunday. Water was high but, good visiblity and fishable. Still lots of chum milling around. No steelhead. A few hatchery steelhead caught last week before the high water.
Went to the cowlitz sunday for steelhead and the river was
really high and murky.Only two steelhead were caught out of 30 jetsled boats with at least 2 guys per boat from day light
until 11:30am and our boat had one of the steelhead a 7 pound hen.Used eggs and corkies because the river was to high and fast to get a fly any were near the bottom.You didn't
miss much as far as steelhead go.

P.S. Rain rain go away come again another day ( august ).


I went out Sunday just for a look see. Didn't like what I saw. The Pilchuck high and brown,the Sky very high. The only river that I saw that was fishable was the Sultan and there was a few brave souls fishing there at the boat launch. Does any body ever fish the Sultan? Jim S.:COOK
Checked out the Sauk early and it was high, fast and colored up. Scouted a number of logging roads. Finally found a nice run on the Suiattle and landed some nice Dolly Vardon.
hey flyboy was it really bad. my buddy told me we'll do it another time. I guess they let out alot of water at the dam and it gets some serious water flow. Ben
hit the green landed a 9# silver torpido lol a late bright chum withe lots of fight in him but the water was almost un fish able keep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking
Jim, thanks for the info. I was intent on fishing the Sauk and didn't figure out until last night that I was on the Suittle. I made an honest mistake. Thankfully I released the fish. I will be more careful with my regs next time.
Please carefully release all dolly varden (bull trout) that you may catch either on the Skagit or Sauk. They should be protected and never killed or kept. :TSKTSK

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Returning all wild steelhead is not a bad idea either, on any river, at any time.

It may actually get one some bonus points, anyway.

Just cast, would you?!

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