Commercializiing Lenice


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The Bureau may have taken it off the table (for now) but the state hasn't. From the CELP website (article By Shirley Wentworth, The Othello Outlook, March 3, 2008):

"The Center for Environmental Law and Policy commended the Bureau for taking the Crab Creek site out of consideration.

“The public spoke and the Bureau listened,” said Rachael Paschal Osborn, executive director of CELP. “We are delighted that this particular threat to Crab Creek has been eliminated.”

...Osborn issued a reminder that Crab Creek is still threatened.

“Unlike the Bureau, the state of Washington continues to identify Lower Crab Creek as its first choice for a damsite under its new Columbia River water supply development program. The state’s approach is a short-sighted one to addressing water supply issues,” she said.
The war over water and developing rural land is a never ending battle.
The kinda good thing is the guy started out on the wrong foot with the county.
That alone may delay the development for awhile longer.
Some of my favorite camping spots are private camp/RV parks, less chances of smash and grabs, etc.
I just sent a note to another land owner over there , who sold the property to this guy. He is going to find out about this and let me know....T.M aka Jim J
I have to agree with Kent and a couple others that a little development with some amenities won't neccessarily be a bad thing. I think it would add a little security to the area. The smash and grabs have kept me away for years.


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this can only spell doom for those lakes. when has development ever made fishing better?
i go fishing to get away from all development around us.
one thing to keep i in mind. can they make any money to stay in buisness? remember the fishing there is in a short time frame. no one goes there in the winter.
still bad though.
As a prior victim of parking lot vandalism at Lenice, I'd like to see additional security. Development may also discourage the poaching that goes on.



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Seeing development around Lenice would be a major bummer. I caught my first fish in Washington out there a few years back. It's a great place to get some east side sun in March/April.

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I have fished this lake sense the early 60’s and have seen it grow in popularity over the years and have come to realize that with the ever growing community of fly fishers that Lenice would be popular and busy at times. Because of its lack of amenities and remoteness it gives you a sense of wilderness and serenity which we lack in so many places anymore, one of reasons I keep coming back.
Vandals or not, to commercialize Lenice will certainly bring even more people to this pristine area, which to me will down grade the quality of a fly fishing experience that it now has.
#29 is his land. I guess you guys could have bought that up, paid taxes on it, and kept it pristine for the rest of us.

I fished the lake when there were no cattails, or Russian olive trees, when you could pull a boat from Lenice to Mary, to Bobby to Nunnely if you wanted to, nothing but some sage brush and rocks on the banks.

I don't like it but it is his land and I don't like the state or other people telling me what I can do and not do on my place. I don't think most of you guys would, unless you voted for Obama then you should expect it.

I have been vandalized and robbed at Lenice, maybe it will help that. It will never be like it was.
I don't think most of you guys would, unless you voted for Obama then you should expect it.
There are reasons for permitting processes and laws about what you can do with/on the land you own. If people had free reign over their property (like all of you who voted for Ron Paul would hope for) then your neighbor could put in a freelance garbage dump in their backyard so you could smell it every hot day and you could do nothing about it. What you do with your land affects others and if any one could develop up to the shoreline of every lake or stream stream then think about what that would do for access.

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