Ok, final list and instructions for buying the bulk tubing

Ed Call

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Jerry, payment from Ed Call (formerly know as Mumbles) sent via paypal. I think I included enough for fees and shipping, but I'm fine with face to face if any Kitsap area guys can meet up with you. Thanks.


"Ride'n Dirty."
Jerry, Payment of 10 dollars sent in the am. I wasn't super clear on the charges od you sending tubes to me, so i'll send a couple of bucks (no pun intended) to cover the costs.
Jerry as mentioned by lots of people, thanks for doing this for us!
Hey Jerry,

I'm sending the money today. I ordered $10 worth and am including $2 for shipping. Thanks for doing this, your alright in my book! :)


Jerry Daschofsky

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I'm not sure about shipping guys. Chances are I'm going to have to buy tubes to put the tubes in. Which will be a buck or two. Then shipping on top of that. Why I was hoping nobody would send in shipping costs, because I really don't know what that'll be. Easier for me to get them all put together and weigh them once I get them all. I may cut down the tubes from 4' down to maybe 2' to make them fit. But even at $10 worth you're gonna have some tubes.

If I can combine shipping to one person, can do that as well. Not sure who all is where. I'm trying to keep the costs down as much as I can.
maybe if there are some people in the lynnwood or everett area that go to pacific fly fishers, we can have the tubes sent to one person and then meet there and split. if anybody wants to do that say "I". and then jerry can just send the tubes to me and go from their.

and others that live in duvall or monroe can meet at AATF and so on and so forth.

just an idea,

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh, thought I'd bring this up. I plan on doing a drop off in Gig Harbor for all the Peninsula guys. Blake has kindly offered up his shop as a drop point if that's ok for everyone.

I also figured I'd do a group drop somewhere up north. Say Seattle area. If we can get a string of guys together, could get most of the Seattle/N. Seattle guys checked in and limit what I need to send.

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