Medical Lake

Went out to Medical Lake again last night with my kids. They wanted to see the otter out there. Anyways thought it would be a good time to practice casting my A3 6wt since I'm not use to casting that slow yet. First cast I took a nice big calm breath and thought slow the whole cast got a nice 60' cast out on the water. I was surprised since my best with my new rod was 50' last week. Well I had this brown thing with rubber legs tied on that I got from Sean at the Silver Bow who said trout liked them. First small strip and line just stops dead in its tracks. Hum figured it must of been snagged on vegetation or something as it didn't move. A little tug and line starts buzzing off the reel. Well no way it could be a trout right? Start thinking it was a bass because all I saw was a bronzish colored belly anytime I could get it close enough to see any part of it as it would dart again. I had a 4lb tippet on so I didn't really want to horse it to much with it. After 5 minutes or so over walking up and down the bank we finally got it coaxed to come to shore to say hi:

Anyways I have never targeted these things with a fly and always wanted to. Not much for the rest of the night besides some horrible casting as I got impatient lol. Oh I remembered how great SA's new Sharkskin line feels to strip lol. The last cast just as I pull the line off the water my daughter starts laughing and pointing. I look up to see some little fish latched onto my nymph in mid swing. The little guy couldn't of been bigger than a fish stick though. Just as I got him pulled up to shore so my daughter could reach down with the forceps to release him he decided to let go and swim off. Another night of memories with the kids and boy are the mosquitos hatching like mad.

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