WaterMaster Customizations???


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I noticed in another thread Bustedout mentioned customizing his WaterMaster Kodiak. Since I recently bought a used one (3rd hand), I got to wondering about the kinds of mods people have done to their own WaterMasters. What are the possibilities?

Looking at mine, I can see the possible addition of Scott float tube rod holders. Additionally, a Fishing Buddy scabbard mount might also work well. Beyond that, my limited experience runs out. So how fancy have people gone with their modifications?

--Dave E.

Considering that I have been on the brink of purchasing this watercraft for about two months now, I have thoroughly reasearched the possible accessories that can be incorporated for the WM.

I'm sure you know about this but BSI already has custom rod holders specifically designed to attach to the front of the raft. If I buy this, I will get the floor covering so that I can stand up when stillwater fishing and cast a 30' leader without roll casting it three times before punching it out. If the raft floor is somewhat soft, I might then think about making a plywood floor insert to aid in balance.

Anyone have the floor accessory? Opinions?


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The changes I've made to my WM are pretty much dictated by the fact that I'm short and skinny. Thus, the foot strap is awkward for me to use. There are two sets of D rings to which the strap can be attached and neither setting works for me. In addition, I found that I sometimes want to adust the length of the strap so that my knees are straighter or more bent -- after 15 minutes of rowing on a slow stretch, I want to change positions. To solve that issue I bought several inexpensive double-headed clasps (4" each) and used them to create a strap (made of metal clasps) that is the correct length for me. I can also add or subtract clasps as I need to adjust the distance my legs need/want to reach. I now use the strap that came with the WM as an additional boat handle. I attach it to the front or back D rings when I need an additional grip.

The second modification is also minor. My butt gets pretty sore after awhile in the seat, so I bought an inexpensive self inflating pad at Yeagers (about $10.00 I think). I believe it was originally intended to be used by hunters who need some padding when sitting in a stand. It is just the right size to fit into the bottom of the WM seat and gives me the padding that I need.

I use the rod holder that I bought with my MW. I also have the upgraded oars which I find useful because I'm often in water where I'm gouging the bottom with my awkward strokes.

I haven't found the need for an anchor, and it might not work too well in the moving water that I fish at any rate. Nor have I had use for the optional floor, although I could see its use for stillwater. I really like being able to wade a river with the WM around me. It's a nice feature. Overall, I find the WM about the ideal raft for my purposes. Enjoy it.

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I wish I could afford a WM..... sigh

"The raft bottom will allow you to stand in your raft, and enables the raft to move much more quickly over the surface of the water. When used in conjunction with the Anchor / Motor Mount, your Water Master is very similar to a small fishing pram, and is extremely effective on still waters."

If that is a fabric bottom held in place by a "sock" secured over the hull I somehow find the prospect of standing on it a bit daunting. I wonder if standing on the optional Action Fishing Seat would work.
The only thing that I did with my Watermaster is modify the Cargo net, I wasn't really comfortable with the nets hooks anywhere near the raft. So I went to Home Depot and bought (8) 2 3/8" Carabiners that had small straps and key rings attached. I removed the strap and key ring and replaced each hook (6) on the cargo strap with a Carabiner $.99 for each Carabiner, then 2 extra Carabiners in the center of the cargo net for Misc. needs they have a really strong spring in them. Now no worries with poking a hole, and it is a lot easier now because I don't have to fight the hooks tangling everytime I wrap and unwrap the net.


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Additionally, a Fishing Buddy scabbard mount might also work well.

--Dave E.
I have the Wilderness Access. There is a Fishing Buddy mount that you can buy. Straps on to the tube.

I'd like to figure out an anchoring system for it, with out rubbing the rope along the tube.

Ed Call

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I don't have a WM and barely can spell spey, but when I used my 9' toon and spey rod I did two things. First, I had it rigged but split up and to my left in a rod holder (horizontal type that has slots for the rod to press into. Park, assemble, fish. Second, fully assembled butt end forward right at the front of my toon. Back end sticking out. Of course this leaves much rod sticking out and exposed. Since I'm supposed to stick the bow at trouble and row away from it my aft should be safely away from trouble. If there is a better way to manage such a long rod on a short inflatable I'm happy to hear about it. My spey rod handle also will not fit into my standard rod holder...who's got a fix for that one?

Ed Call

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WT, that is great...and the cup holder! Does that eleveate you too much to fin kick effectively (and quitely without splashing due to being at the survace)? In my toon when I've added just the stack height of a seat swivel (which I've since removed) I noticed that 2" rise making fin kicking a bit different. How much does your raft setup weight, it looks pretty lightweight.


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That raised seat looks comfortable. Don't you hit your knees with the oars though? With the raised seat, or shelf board, I could see mounting a conventional rod holder with enough angle to keep a long Spey rod out of the water.