SFR: Stolen Reel notice..

UPDATE below: Happy ending.

I just wanted to post this in case anyone may have some information.

A month ago I purchased a Fin-Nor #3 anti-reverse reel from a lady in Bozeman, MT via craigslist (Western Union Money order). I have not received the reel. At first she made excuses about the shipping time, now she is not even bothering to answer/return my emails or calls.

Yes, I know it was risky and/or stupid, but I talked to her on the phone a few times and she seemed trustworthy. I was willing to take the risk.

I am just posting this b/c it is a fairly recognizable reel - especially in MT, and I believe that she probably did/will try to sell it someone else.

I've been lucky and never burned but I guess we all take a chance when we don't use a credit card , Paypal or a Postal Money order.

You must have an address. Can't you even go over and throw rocks at her house?
No address - it was a Western Union wire transfer, to the town of Bozeman, for pickup by her.

I know - very shady, but she had a reason that seemed legit at the time..


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Bummer sorry to hear if this. How do you know it is hot? What if there wasn't a reel to even begin with? I think there are more and more shady people around. Still doesn't change the fact that you shelled out your hard bucks on something that was promised.
If you had anything to do with a Western Union Money transfer requested from somenone you bought from over the internet. I'll bet dinner the following is correct,
1. The address in MT is a mail box drop
2. The name of the female is fake or is stolen
3. She has since changed her telephone number or soon will no longer answer or return calls
4. By the time you read this your money is out of the U. S.

Scam has been on going both on E bay and Craigslist for some years. Be careful out there
Jon, I appreciate the response - however, you are wrong about #1, and I'm prettty sure #2, #3 so far, and who knows about #4.

I'm not looking for a lot of feedback on this. I just wanted to get the word out in case anyone comes across this reel.

Thanks, Eric


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Does she have Montana plates and drive an audi?:D:D:D

The word is out....Be carefull around Bozeman:D:D:D


Good luck

hahaha. Good one Gray

how do you know both of her 2 names. and my guess is, if it was a scam from the beginning, there was no reel to begin with

I've read a few times in the paper very recently of scams going on. Mostly phone scammers, and I think a few people were even arrested. in boze. Good luck with getting your money or reel.

also, I would never make a transaction on the net without using paypal. i've paypal'd a ton of stuff and have never been done bad, but Im sure you know this
I have had many, many transaction on both EBay, Craigslist, and others. (Mumbles will concur this fact:D).
Either pay or accept payment via PayPal, USPS or Bank M/O, or USPS C.O.D.
NEVER accept/agree to any other form of sending money or receiving payment (Western Union, etc.) and you won't have any difficulties.

I have purchased a lot of gear off Craigslist with C.O.D. If the selller won't agree to this, then it is in your best interest to PASS!
Remember, if it's a deal to good to pass on, you're gonna get "hosed" most likely.

I hate to see anyone get ripped off. You said she requested money transfer through Wetern Union. That's usually the tip off right there and that's why I jumped on it. Good time to remind everyone to be careful on Craigslist or E Bay.

Best of luck and hope you have a great summer fishing.


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Any way i can help let me know,I'm a stones throw from Bozeman.I'll keep my eyes and ears open,sounds like she might be long gone though.I rather doubt anyone would repeat the scam from the same area,but you never know. Nate

Ed Call

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Herl, thanks for the heads up, I'm always looking to stimulate the economy on my limited fishing allowance. I got burnt once a long time ago on a snowboard I had to have. Since then it is all paypal or cashier's check transactions for me if I feel the slightest bit nervous. I hope that someone tracks this woman down and you get your reel or money back.


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While leaving my place early this morning to service our truck before we roll to Idaho, my neighbor Mike was outside by his truck. I said hey, how's it going? he tells me his truck was broken into last night and the theives stole a rod, reel, knife, sunglasses, and maybe a few other things. Bozeman is getting bad. This week alone has changed all the trust I used to have in people. an abel reel and cant remember the name of the rod. thought I'd post it. Have a great weekend everyone. peace


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Sorry Herl. What comes around goes around. Thanks for the heads up so people can remember to be on the lookout. I'm a trusting person as well, shame there's people out there with nothing better to do than steal :(

If you really want to go after her, you can bet she's going to do it again sometime soon. You could set up an RSS feed of the MT craigslist and probably scoop once she posts again. There's a story of someone doing this when their bike was stolen and they found it on CL. Then, they set up a time to meet and had the cops waiting. Just an idea. I'd personally probably just roll over and live another day.

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