Talking marine worms....

Henderson and Ringlee -- I only mentioned the PM -- and didn't name any names -- because I thought the guy made an interesting point. I had no intention of disrespecting anyone, and I think my history on this board and in other venues backs that up.

I just wanted to see what other people thought -- and that has certainly happened.

I'm not flaunting anything. The guy brought up a point that is pretty central to this whole board, which is what do you share and what do you not share?
Chester, I see what you're saying. To me your initial post just seemed to be more of a statement than an attempt to actually open up a dialog, but maybe that's just how I read it. I guess it has opened up a dialog though. You are right that there the marine worm discussion is nothing new to the board. I generally have no problem sharing patterns and have shared a few unique patterns here that have worked for me in the past. That's why the board is cool. I guess the way you presented yourself just rubbed me the wrong way.

Jim Ficklin

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Being from the east side & lacking the opportunity to fish the Sound on a regular basis due to my proximity (or lack thereof), I truly appreciate the information that fine folks on this site have provided.
I think this is a great topic. This is something I did not know. I will be looking at sand worm pics and seeing just how close they are to patterns I use. More to the point, how they swim. Not that any pattern really matters. Cutthroat fishing is easy. It's just the hope I may nail something with some poundage on it and it seems to keep my casting in shape until June. I can't believe someone would have an out of body experience over sandworms. Seems like there is more important things going on, but damned if this type of thing don't come up every once in a while.

Is it easy to find pile worms? I never would have thought it cuz I just don't see them swimming around like other things fish might be interested in. Sand worms in the same boat? Can anyone post some patterns they use to fish the salt with? Not that it really makes a better fly than a baitfish imitation. Baitfish=Poundage.


still an authority on nothing
and poundage=fun...:thumb:

thanks for sharing Chester. The saltiest dudes in this forum always catch my ear. The saltchuck is such a unique and complex ecosystem/fishery, I'm grateful that guys like you and others on the board share your hard-won knowledge so freely. Shortens the curve for the rest of us.

and I don't think knowledge will ruin the fishing in the Sound. Let's hope the ethic is absorbed along with the nuts-and-bolts knowledge.


I think the sun or the wait for the holiday weekend must be stirring up allot guys...

This isn't the only board where people seem to have been going off allot more then normal the past couple days...

Oddly enough Hookers last point makes allot of sense...unfortunately the others were just mean spirited...There are some that are new to flyfishing, some are new to the beach but have been flyfishing for years..some want it all handed to them, some like to learn...This same topic or close to it has come up before and I think there is merit to both sides...
Wanting to learn and asking questions..that some might find stupid or redundant may seem like trying to get everything handed to you but speaking for myself, it's such a new thing that I am looking not for a secret fly or beach..but the whys of or what to look for so I can learn..There is no gratification in walking out and having someone hand you a fly and say cast there...The learning is what keeps us all young!!! The internet is both a blessing and a curse because some can't or don't want to spend the time...I think they will not be long for our sport!!!

I bug the living shit out of guys (thank you Leland and Ralf) with what to them I am sure are beek questions...but I do it through pm's and emails..and I hopefully can pass any of my knowledge (limited as it may be) for steelheading, rivers and stillwater up in B.C. back on to them...

It's Friday, I'm finally closed for business for the holiday weekend and about to start packing for a couple days up in the interior of B.C. in hopes of 8lb trout....
Everyone...enjoy themselves this weekend and be safe!!! See you on the other side!!!


"Chasing Riseforms"
You may unintentionally direct people to places we "Blood Brothers of the Salt" may not want you to go. I think there is a fine line to be careful of... Don't take offense to the cartoons too much.


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Fishing Yellowstone Lake as a little kid I recall my dad being told that the native cutthroat gorged on green polychaete worms. We looked for them at the lake and spotted a few of the ugly guys. The secret fly to mimick them at the lake was a green wolly worm (this was the early 80's), and it worked great on those dumb fish.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and I'm in a casting clinic on a local beach standing in a shallow water eel grass bed. As I tried to focus on improving my casting I looked down in the water and see a bizarre green polycheate worm swimming and hiding in the eelgreass. It swam in an undulating (sandlance-like) motion with all those arms propelling it. I saw some others in the area but couldn't catch one. Totally distracted, I started thinking about tying a new fly to mimick that tasty looking morsel. A whooly bugger is obviously a good start and adding a weighted head gives it even better action (like Chester's pics). But coming up with a polychaete retreive would be tough since their locomotion is so wild looking. Then I thought a flatwing type pattern may be a good platform because of its good action in the water.

Since then I've been working on perfecting a new pattern called "the polycheater", but it won't be worth sharing unless it can outperform a green wolly bugger. Hopefully I'll have a breakthrough to share later this year.

Jim Ficklin

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Dang, put a white tail & a silver bead on it & Shad love that puppy (whoops, sorry . . . I shared. At least I didn't say I was below Ice Harbor Dam . . . ). Thanks, Chester . . . I thoroughly enjoy your posts . . . get over to the East Side & feel free to call me any old time.

Dime, that was good. I just finished the dinner for my kids so I'm going to try to tie a few of what I think might work. I've been thinking about that retrieve and like you said, they don't swim like a fish. Not a fast, darting look. It has to be slow with very little drop, kind of neutral buoyant. As far as undulating, I only know of one material that will work. Let me get to tying here and see if I can't post something up.

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