Talking marine worms....

Any kid who grew up on Puget Sound knows that Pile Worms will catch anything that swims out there. Its no big leap to translate that fact into a fly strategy for SRC.
Exactly what I was thinking.

Mussel meat isn't too bad for everything either......and than there are the large arthropods.....

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
What!!! Can't stay away from these marine worms, eh, Chester? I thought you'd be out pestering Smallies!:rofl:
I'm going to have to get on the vice and concoct a few. I'll bet they would work for surf perch, too. They look similar to Glenn Yoshimoto's perch fly, the "zen worm."
However, I have been having so much fun soremouthing all those big dumb triploids that got dumped in all the lakes, that i've sorta gotten locked into a lazy rut tying up more #10 sparkle buggers...:clown: slummin' it!

Nice ties, everybody!:beer1::beer1::beer1:


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Chester, KEEP CONTRIBUTING. Our opportunities to preserve searun cutts and expand opportunities for resident coho fishing will INCREASE if there are more individuals involved in this fishery (catch and release for the former, mostly catch and release for the later).

If you are searching for more inspiration for marine worm patterns, look at some of the east coast sites for those targeting stripers. Stripers have a soft spot for mating swarms of cinder worm, genus Nereis (same genus as many of our swarming species) that move out of the mud during full and new moons of summer to mate. We do have one species off our coast, Nereis brandti, that can reach almost 3 ft long - probably hard to mimic as a fly.

And all this time I thought that SRC in SS were threatened by development, poaching, and over-harvest in freshwater (June 1- Oct 31). Now, thanks to Hooker, we have identified the real threat.......the marine worm fly.

What this and other sites have done for SRC is inspire the angling community to protect what many of you now know we have.......keep advocating conservation of our marine fisheries Chester.

Good Fishing.
man so much to say about this, but just cant find the words to type without going off on hooker. but it looks like he got banned so i guess its pointless anyway.
I'm still confused about why it is praiseworthy to create dressings that imitate chum fry and sand lance but bad form to even talk about marine worms. Oh well, Steve is right on about East Coast striper fishermen and worm flies. And Les talked about our coastal cutthroat's fondness for worms in Sea-Run 30 years ago. There's a great essay on fly fishing with worm patterns for stripers on Kenny Abrames' website I imagine the species of polychaete is different in Puget Sound but they are both apparently nerieds. And late spring is also the time they fish worm flies the most in the Atlantic. A biologist friend of mine told me he sees them here on the "full or new moon near Easter over oyster beds." This year's Easter was so early (and cold) I wouldn't doubt if the hatch was later. In addition to a number of local patterns, Abrames fishes a gold-bodied GP. As for Dime Brite's question about presentation, East Coast fly fishers often use floats and multiple fly rigs. Thanks Chester, Tim and Steve for the ideas and suggestions.

Chester Allen

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Well, this thread continues to be really interesting. I'd join a worm fly swap in a hot second!
I had a couple guys from Florida send me e-mails on how tarpon get completely selective when certain kinds of marine worms show up.

Maybe marine worms are the flying ants of saltwater....
Don't forget Jim Kerr's Snot Dart. My favorite marine worm pattern. What kind of worm, I don't know, but he said it was a worm, and it catches the shit out of cutts and silvers, so WTF! :thumb:

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Chester, thanks for the thread. I finally read it start to finish. Sorry to see Hooker go overboard on someone else (he was my nemesis when I first arrived here). Not sorry to see the banned or parked tag under his name. Thanks to those who freely share some information yet leave some to be earned. Thanks to those who have shared patterns, some similar to those in my box, but a few that I'll be tying and trying soon.


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ok I'll host the swap

marine worm patterns

But we are all meeting face to face to trade flies
I was in on Mumbles face to face swap and it was great

whos in?
1 Kelvin
2 Matt Burke
3 John Hilt
4 Steve Saville
5 Ed Call
6 Ben Waldschmidt

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