[email protected]#$% Beach - Brief Outing - Useless Report

Ed Call

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Picked up Matt Smith at the Kingston ferry terminal with plans to fish a beach or two before heading down to %@#$ Lake later in the day. Arrived to find many beach combers and shell fisherpeople. Wind was brisk from the caster's left. Great opportunity to make me fish with the right "off" hand for a while. Waves were rolling in as was the tide. Salad everywhere. No signs of fish, baitfish, birds, other mammalian fishercreatures and the wind was picking up.

End of outing, headed to %@#$ Lake. Did anyone else get out to fish a beach and was yours more sheltered than ours?

Matt Smith

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What Ed said, got to try out some sweet looking flies from the face to face swap. I'm gonna have to give this salt thing some serious more time.

Jim Ficklin

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Hit a "kinda" beach, but it was way inland. Did catch a few targeted %@#$ carp. No wind, lots of milfoil and dang near got skunked . . . actually . . . stinky little rascals.
I took off in the kayak Friday night with the plan to fish a favorite new beach of mine somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, North of California, but South of Alaska, West of Belfair, East of Hoodsport. Anyway, the plan was to fish the outgoing tide til dark, then clandestinely pitch a tent, cook some chow, drink a couple beers, stare at the stars, and fish the morning out going tide. Lots of fry and bait fish hitting the surface, but not a single strike. I saw only one rise form, and it was a small cutt. Other than that nothing. Last month there were quite a few ressies working this stretch of beach over, of which I connected with two. They were about 16" in length, and hitting the surface. I hooked one with #6 Euphasiid pattern, the other with #6 Green V-rib version of the same. I tried several bait fish patterns including Bob's "Chum Baby" to no avail. This was my first time fishing from a kayak. The casting was okay. I mean the boat didn't make my crappy casting any worse. I need to come up with an anchoring system though, something I didn't think about as I was scrambling to put this impromptu trip together at the last minute. Even though I didn't catch anything, the trip was still fun and I discovered a few more beaches that look promising on the way back.

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