I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share any tips for how to catch dollies. I caught one once while pink fishing, but that was a fluke. What sort of water is good, what flies, what rivers, etc.

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Try the sauk or skagit. They can be found below spawning salmon and caught on egg and flesh patterns. Egg sucking leaches work well too.

Otherwise, these are very aggressive 'meat' eaters. They've been known to latch on to 10" trout while being reeled in by a fisherman. Try streamer patterns, leeches, wooly buggers, etc. I've found them in big deap pools and runs. But i've caught many in shallow water (usually on the edge of deeper water).

Over on the OP you can find lots of nice dollie water as well. A lot of steelheaders catch dollies unintentionally. If you target dollies (not allowed in a lot of places - check the regs), you may unintentionally hook some steelhead :)

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