Final list for steelhead swap and shipping address


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1) andrew
2) donhouck
3) nwflyfisher
4) Steelheader69
5) mcolagrossi
6) Obsessed
8) harleydeen
9) jordan19
10) pwoens
11) blackghost
12) flybill
13) fishingjunky15 (pending group approval)

Above are those confirmed (in order). Looks like we went over by 1 participant?? Is everyone ok with this?? I know SH69 already sent his flies so fishingjunky15, I am sorry, but you wont be receiving one of his patterns unless you beg him to send one more out? If I dont hear any complaints about having to tie 13 flies, then I will assume it is ok for fj15 to join ok with tying 13 flies :dunno

Shipping Address is:

Patrick Oens
16113 E. Rich Ave.
Spokane, WA. 99216

Dont forget to include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) inside your package so I have your return address, along with a couple of bucks to cover shipping :thumb

~Patrick ><>


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13 flies is fine with me! They need to be in the mail by 9/14, correct?

I'll post what I'm going to tie in the next few days.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Well sheesh, I gotta send one more? What gives? :D

I don't know, may have to get some persuading on this one. Some groveling would be nice too. :D }( Especially since either today or tomorrow all my flies will be in the swapmeisters hands. :p

Jay Allyn

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You don't need to send one fly in. I'm luckly as it is to be let in. Thanx guys.:D I'm trying to dicide between a fly by steelhead fly fisher pioneer and legend Enos Bradner called a Brad's Brat or my Freight Train variation. They will be in the mail in a couple of weeks along with my streamers. I still need to get to the fly shop.
50% done, beleive you PNW steelheaders will like it, an old hairwing pattern I updated with some new materials.

Lost one of the biggest steelhead I ever had on with it in early 80s, 15+ lbs came out of the water like a polaris missle, that vision is still vivid to this day. :bawling

Better get this done HS football season starts this today and my sons games will keep me busy from here to November on weekends.




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Well since I was pretty much stuck at home all day today I was at least able to finish my flies (Skykomish Sunrise).

Looking forward to hitting the water tomorrow.


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