Lost my cool on a beach today

Nice work, Ed. A great example for all of us to not sit back and look the other way when the regs are not being followed, (especially in the matter of a fragile fishery). Glad that nothing had to be done to "knock" more sense in the guy, and that he didn't come after you at all. Also, I wouldn't consider it losing your cool at all


*splash* *splash* *splash*, I need a life vest
Good on ya Ed. Saint and saviour. I admire your actions.

uncool: I think you missed the point. And if I was on a jury and was told this story I certainly would side with Ed.
I didn't miss the point at all, if the guy with the fish was breaking the law something needed to be done... I wouldn't go this route because shoes switched (provided the guy thought he was in the right) I'd have drawn. Pictures/video and a call to someone that deals with this is a good idea.

what are the regs for fishing that area (reiterating that I'm not familiar with this subject thing, I know the regs to lakes I fish and that's about it)?

all in all I'm just saying I'd nuke this thread to protect ED if it's possible he could get charged with something, especially since he uses his name.

Ed Call

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Uncoolperson, thanks for the totally non-applicable RCW. If it were legal to keep SRC and I cock blocked him then I'd be guilty. If it was his property then I'd be guilty. If he is pissed about losing his pixie spoon and four feet of line then I'd like to see that court summons. Flame me all you want with your boy Woolybooger (who is probably actually the banned or parked Hooker under a new log on). As for delete, no thanks. This is just text on a web page, you got video of the dude kicking the fish up the beach or me biting his line off and releasing the fish deliberately waist deep in the water? Witnesses? Anyway, I did what I did, maybe I owe the guy for four feet of line and a pixie spoon.

Ed Call

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Uncool, actually thanks for thinking of ways to keep my ass out of trouble. I'm sure that is what you were doing. I'm still cool with what I did and am confident that I did not strike the dude or impede his legal harvest of fish.

Matt Smith

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UCP, I can understand if you are trying to protect Ed, but Ed in no way was in violation of any RCW. So it's all good my man!!! Keep up the good work Ed, you may have lost your cool but it was for a worthy cause!


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passionate men of conscience and action will always be criticized by the small-and-narrow minded. WTF, all's well. Glad he didn't bust a cap in your ass.
It's Miller time baby.:D



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good story ed,
glad things didn't escalate, and really glad to hear about a guy (you) standing up for something. that guy's (possible) ignorance isn't an excuse, the fact that he took off as you were helping him release the SRC, tells me he had an idea that he was in the wrong
All hail Mumbles, brave SRC guardian of "the beach area near his house"ptyd

The fish gods are pleased with you my friend!


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way to give that beak a lesson mumbles

but what did you do to cause that massive brown grouper migration from that pipe

ps i found a "beak" referance in a 40's Orwell novel

i have seen a few boot releases down here on the kp
makes you sick to the tummy
i need to keep the warden on the speed dial
...If I had any more thumbs I wouldn't be able to tie on any flies at all...:eek:

Anyhow, great job Mr. Call.:beer2:



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The unnamed perp was not illegally obstructed or harrassed by Ed because he drug the SRC out of the water. Fish that must be released - all SRC in saltwater - are not to be removed from the water. Also, it the perp's Pixee spoon had a treble hook or barbed hook, he was fishing illegally. As fearsome as Ed must be (look at his avatar!), the perp likely knew he was in the wrong, as evidenced by his fleeing the scene.


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