Lost my cool on a beach today

David Loy

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Ed, I'm way late on this thread but will post anyway.
They say sincerity wins the argument over eloquence. Snap, you were there, in the now, and you were right. Don't worry about losing it.
I may be naive but I'd bet a cool soda this guy won't be back soon. You left an impression he's still thinking about. (Hmmm, someone actually gives a shit. Hmmm, I don't wanna get my ass pounded. Maybe I was wrong. Hmmm, maybe I better re-think how I do this.) You never know, he could turn the corner. A thinking man with a decent heart might.
Good job.
Mummbles AKA Ed I got your back bro. Sometimes at my young age my passion gets the best of me but hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta. I have had to educate a few people on the river. Most of the time It went smooth but there was a time or two when I thought I was gonna have to defend myself. Good on you Ed. You can fish with me any day.

Ed Call

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Way too much play on this thread. I just reacted. Might have saved one fish like Old Man Jim was quick to notice. Anyway, glad I did not hit the dude, glad he did not give me some stone shampoo and glad the fish swam away. Hasn't anyone else done a good deed that we can talk about now?

Dizane, that grizzly old man of the sea avatar freaks me out man...

Chris Bellows

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it's obviously a done deal and nothing can be changed about the day in question, but i think you bringing it up here means you question your behavior on the beach... even with all the internet tough guys piling on and hoisting you on their shoulders here.

first, your description of the guy and his tackle shows that you already had a negative impression of him before he did anything illegal (meat stick). that's too bad, because we have to share rivers, lakes, and beaches with people who fish differently than we do. he was obviously having fun with the whooping (and i'm not a whooping kind of guy, but some are).

great, you saved one fish... but with a different approach you might have saved more. this guy is obviously not educated about the rules or proper fish handling. the fact that he disappeared means your behavior scared him away, and with that a chance to educate him and possibly save more fish, because this person is going to keep fishing, except now he's going to avoid people (for good reason, with the crazy flyfishermen screaming and grabbing fish on the beach) and continue to fish the only way he knows how... with little concern for the fish.

you have no idea what his reaction would have been had you attempted to educate him on the rules and proper fish handling. that's the shame of the story. the fact that you were worked up two hours after the incident tells me that you really know there was a better way.

i've flown off the handle plenty of times, and being worked up is almost never the feeling you have when you've handled things right. you only have control over your reaction, and it sounds like you lost it.... and with it lost the one opportunity to educate this particular angler who will now be wary of all fishermen, especially fly anglers.

Chris Bellows

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fyi, in my reading of the regulations there is nothing in the saltwater regs prohibiting taking trout out of the water if they must be released (unlike the freshwater rules), so you went after someone who at the time you had no idea was breaking any rules. while he indeed had a barbed hook, i'll be the one that thinks your reaction was overboard for a barbed hook violation.

geez, if you're that angry after having a sea-run boil on a popper... i'd hate to run into you when you're having a bad day fishing.


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Im way late on this thread,but way to go Ed! Gave me warm fuzzies!lol I am sure old boy understands that there are some of us who DO care that much about fish now!


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Ed its clear from the responses you did the right thing

I told you already
there is a difference between loosing your cool and taking a stand

Ed Call

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Topwater, both responses are great above with one exception. I am not a gear hater. The term meat stick when I use it can be equated to using a broom stick and rope for the quarry. Clearly this gentleman's gear was over rated for his potential catch, like a short heavy surf rod being used for blue gill. I have no problem at all with gear fisherman. Until last summer I was only a gear fisherman who sometimes tried a fly rod after teaching myself. My best friend, and the guy who introduced me to salmon fishing in the salt water and rivers is a gear fisherman and I owe him a debt of eternal gratitude for what he has taught me. I still go to a few places, now with a fly rod, and fish shoulder to shoulder (okay now they give my flailing a bit more room) with gear fishermen and enjoy those outings.

My negative reaction was primarlily based on two rapid observations, the lack of bend in his rod as he back pedaled way up on the rocky and sandy beach and his use of the "foot wedge" on the fish after he had it well away from the water. I have that same negative reaction when I see a fly angler drag a chum onto the bank, unbutton it and kick it back into the water. That is just not how I treat our swimming resources.

Again, the title says it all. I lost my cool on a beach. Those are my words and my interpretation of my reaction. I know that I tossed some colorful language at the guy, something I'm not proud of. That just happens to be the son of two marines who had a career as a sailor and how he talks. I'm still working on improving that aspect of my grasp of our fine language.

I'm an excitable guy, but normally when fishing you will have a hard time telling if I've got a dink or monster on because I'm pretty calm. I deal with real life stuff that is mundane to out of this world exciting in many ways, staying calm is better. Here again I failed to maintain my cool.

For the record, I cannot recall having a bad day fishing. I've had many bad days catching but can't really think of any bad days fishing...and some of those days brought with them some of the aforementioned out of this world exciting stuff in many bad ways.

Thanks again for your honest comments. With grooming I'll get a bit better at holding my temper. I've done much on the water education of fishermen, I've been gear fishing locally for almost a decade now. You are right, I may have squandered a good opportunity to educate this gent in the proper fashion. Thanks.
Doncha' jus' luv all the "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" here? They've all got better ideas on how you shuda' handled it. Personally I've never learned much from any of my meager successes - only from my many, many mistakes...even the ones I'm supposed to know better than to make! As some wise person said a long time ago, "Follow your heart..........
....thinking is waaay too hard!"

Ya done good, amigo.....if only I were so courageous!!


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