Headed out for waters unknown yesterday, crossing the Narrows Bridge. Got to Gorst and realized I didn't want to risk power boat dodging so I turned south to Cady Lake. Glad I did. The small lake was crowded with 8 other pontoons and a drift boat, but everyone was polite. (Only had one flyfishing twit on the water in all my trips.) The lake was warm! Surface already at 72 degrees. Still, fish were rising. I caught one on a dry. Another guy was using a SanJuan worm and doing fine. Larry thought the fishing was slow, but when you're used to the overfished local lakes, it worked for me. I did notice the bigger trout needed special attention before being released. I read the warmer water makes it difficult for them to deal with being handled? Anyway, seems like that lake is turning into an early morning and late evening fishery.

Ed Call

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Nice report. I agree with your idea of this being an early and late location. Mid day is just nice for kicking around and enjoying the cooler contents.