float tube / alpacka to borrow


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Hey All -

I am looking at options for high alpine lakes. If anyone would be willing to let me borrow a lightweight float tube or Alpacka it would help me greatly as I never used either, and am torn. There is a MOTHER pack in it for you.

I am near Purdy.


Ed Call

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MartyG, I have a fishcat 4 float tube. Not the lightest, I think 12 or 13 pounds. Does not pack down super small either, but if you have no better options let me know.

zen leecher aka bill w

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Why not get one of the lightweight rafts? If the Curtis ones are still available, they weighed 27 ounces, complete with pack bag and paddles. The Sevelour (spelling) weighed in ad 3 3/4 lbs and wasn't as durable but was cheaper.

Both are lots lighter then waders, flippers and a float tube. Those should total in the 12 lb range.

Derek Young

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I've got a u-shaped tube that is fairly lightweight - I've packed it up to Ethel and James in a backpack with no worries. Interested in borrowing that?


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Thanks all -

I have an Outcast Trinity on the way. I'll probably end up buying a raft as well. I haven't seen any Curtis rafts on the used market.

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