Rocky Ford

Chris Scoones

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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jan-23-01 AT 07:10 PM (PST)[/font][p]I-90 past George, then take 283.

283 turns into 28, continues on to Ephrata, then take a right on 282.

Follow 282 for 5 or 6 miles.

Take 17 up to the sign for 'public' or 'hatchery' access or something, it's green anyway. The road ends before getting there but past the parking lot it's only another 150 yards. The larger section is where you'll want to concentrate, as well as downstream a bit past the foot bridge on the E. side of the stream. You'll in and around private property but crossing the bridge and going down on the E. side is allowed.

This time of year dirty olive scuds, dark wooley buggers, pheasant tail & hares ear nymph's should be in your box.

When work slows up I'll put together a page or three together on it.

Let us know how you do.

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