lost lake (whatcom) saturday


*splash* *splash* *splash*, I need a life vest
looking for a fishing partner, I plan to try to con a friend into playing taxi for me so I don't have to leave my truck that screams "please break in" at a trailhead, or steal the wife's car. Not sure of the route I plan to take as the road to the top is washed out... so 5+ miles. Not sure if I feel up to packing a tube in.

Lots of not sure, heck I just know I have to go fishing this weekend, might change the lake I intended to hit between now and then.

same warning as before, gonna pack spin stuff and fly stuff, and probably do more spin than fly (still not all that awesome with a fly rod, especially with the not so open shoreline there). If i catch some chances are a few are comming home with me. I say this because I really don't want to suprise someone when/if I do.
I wish I could do saturday and am always looking for a fishing buddy. I'm cool with keeping hatchery rainbows but mostly do catch and release. Let me know next time you are going out. My truck screams "break in" too but there isn't anything to steal so I don't mind leaving it anywhere.