TFO 8wt Deer Creek Switch really is for sale

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Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
OK, it has been decided- the rod and lines are for sale:

• Deer Creek Switch 11' 8wt. Used twice
-includes sock and tube (no card).

Retail price $349; Asking price $250.
•Skagit setup: Used one time
-Rio shooting line, 100 ft .030 in dia, retails for $34.95
-Airflo Compact Skagit head, ***600 grains retails for $48.95
-2 Rio sink tips: type 3 and 6, 15 ft, 109 grains retail for $21.95 each

Total retail price: $127.80; Asking price: $100.00

***The guys at All About the Fly helped with the line setups for this. The Skagit head rated for 600 grains did not weigh as advertised so a 660 grain head was cut back, giving the line a true weight of 600 grains to really load the rod.
•Scandi setup: Used one time
-Guideline Shortcut DC PT-10/11 floating head, retails for $74.98
-Guideline level running line 30 meters .027 dia, retails for $44.98

Total retail price: $119.96; Asking price: $100.00

Total package for $450, firm. That's a heck of a good deal.

Prices do not include shipping.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Crap. I can see it's time to start referring to myself in the 3rd person again:

Someone needs this setup to save the Itchy Dog from hisself. If a new home is not
found for it soon, Itchy fears that it will remain in his quiver, which would require the purchase of a new reel and spool, which he would like to avoid if at all possible.
Tell Itchy he outta hold onto it. It is a sweet stick (as I am sure he knows). If I hadn't just bought a Z, I'd be all over this.

Curious as to why Itchy is selling...?

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
It's a simple matter that Itchy developed a case of "rod envy" and wanted something longer. Growing up a small, malnourished Itchy Pup, this is something he has struggled with his entire life.
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