A Little of My Own Medicine (Bubba Report)

Here is the piggy I was talking about. Caught it from my buddy's dock while at his bbq. Thought I would flip my favorite black jitterbug and came up big. That is the biggest jitterbug they sell and the fish sipped it like a mayfly! She had a belly packed with eggs, ready to spawn. I will admit the pic is a bit long armed but that was just to try and get it close to the rod for records. But....my buddy got the same fish about 4 days later and measured it to 20" while I was with him. By than the bass' belly had shrunk.

You can't even swim in the area of my buddy's dock right now without being bit on the fingers and toes......its crazy!

Jim Ficklin

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Ahhh, Smallies . . . the always-reliable "fill-in" fish. Mean, obnoxious, red-eyed devils . . . absolutely spastic when you try to lip them. Tie something in black, with a bushy soft hair/hackle head & a zonker tail . . . throw it out, let it slowly sink, and twitch it periodically . . . many a largemouth has succumbed to that particular seduction (best down here was 8 1/4# & she was spawned-out & sans gut . . . bet she would have broken the 9# barrier a few weeks prior.
The Tacoma area and Burien had (95-2002) some lakes with big smallies in them. One of the Tacoma lakes we used to hit often was so full of rock bass we couldn't get to the smallies. And my buddy Jack O'Day hit a 7 pound (that's right, legit 7 pounder) smallie in a Burien favorite of ours. The same day I got a 6 pound largemouth on a big assed deer hair bug. I can't seem to remember the name of any of those damn lakes though. Memory is getting bad at 40. ;) I bet if you take your float tubes, boats and flyrods out, you'll find them and then some more none of us know about. Those will be yours and yours only. Or then again you can just hang out at internet spots the rest of the world goes to. Come on fellas. GO FISHING!!!

Jason, what a damn beauty. Nice job............... (under my breath) gear chucker.......:D


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You almost have to figure that most of our shallower westside lowland lakes surrounded by homes and docks have bass. I live in Kent and am pretty sure Meridian has 'em.


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