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Well what seemed to be a great running line for $10 dollars in flies turns sour by a greedy postal worker!

What the hell is happening our vehicles are being broken into, our mail is torn open and contents taken, what is next?

I realize that it is 6 flies, but the principle behind it is what kills me! How desperate are poeple to steel flies out of the mail!?

I just thought that I would advise anyone that is particpating in swaps to wrap their fly care-package in duct tape!



God, I love fishing!
I am disappointed too. Welcome to the "modern" world. Add to your list - people killing fish or fishing where and when they shouldn't, throwing trash in our streams and forests, netting (sorry to piss off any ethnic group!), etc.

While you are at it, please make sure you have a good firewall on your computer!

I am glad that this forum practices some manners and decorum. We need it in this world.

Now, I feel better.

Scott Behn

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Damn sorry to hear your misfortune...I was going to put up a post asking how we should ship our flies for the swaps. I am leaning now, because of this morning's mail issue I had, towards insured mail. Anyone else have any better ideas?


I should of known...especially the way that damn postal carrier looks at me....


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it's a G thang...

...and I'm sorry to say, "we ain't seen nothin' yet..."

God knows it's difficult, just ask me, but try not to let your anger make it worse. ain't easy.


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Bob Triggs

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"Ethics" Well I have to admit that you had me pretty scared there for a moment. Any time I see the "E" word as a topic heading here I cringe a little. But I am relieved to see that you were only talking about a mere felony theft of the mail and not about someone getting too close to you on the beach. Sorry for your troubles.
Here's a possible scenario, having little to do with ethics.
Somehow, one of your hooks worked its way through the packaging and "bit" the postal worker, drawing blood, or worse, went in past the barb.
Blood's a bit scary these days: aids, hepatitis C and others are real threats when the blood system is entered. \
Maybe your hook was mistaken for a hypodermic needle.
He (she) freaked and ripped open the package, probably happy as hell to see they were only flies. But they got chucked in the trash out of anger. I might have done the same.
I use these little metal boxes used to package Deltoids (curiously strong) mints. No hook can get through them.
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Jerry Daschofsky

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Hey, how did you have it packed? Did you have it in a normal envelope. I send out around 5-20 packs of flies a week. I know I've yet (knock on wood) had a pack disappear. But, I've had one damaged to point the fly almost fell out (it was a fly brooch pin). I was in a rush, and was out of padded mailers. So put it in a normal envelope. It's my only damage so far. I've done about 20 fly swaps too. I've noticed that all the flies that come in a non padded/non hardboxed package is damaged to point I'm surprised stuff hasn't fallen out. So that could be the problem (if you sent in a normal envelope).

Not sure if that's what happened. Not sure how you mailed it. But I will say, you can't send ANYTHING but letters/paper in a standard envelope. They're sorting machines will eat them up fast. Probably what happened to your flies. I do believe there is an overgoods for each post office. You should contact the post office you shipped from and see if they have a pack of flies there. You may get lucky.

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