fly fishing for the bourgeoisie (elite and filthy wealthy)

You are a hypocrite Sullivan. You only hate the threads that bash liberals like yourself. Obama is has done more to damage this country in 5 months than Cheney has ever done.

There is nothing more pathetic than class envy. People like Obama have always need simple minded, unthinking people who feel and not think to get away with what they are trying to do.

I suspect this thread is a snapshot of Obama supporters. "Those according to their needs. Those according to their means." I suspect you people will take more from this country, then you will ever give. I would take one Dick Cheney over a thousand of your types.

Charles Sullivan

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Read my post again. Take a deep breath, and tell me again who I am bashing. My post was regarding the insulated perspective of the position of the presidency. It was clearly not political in nature. Oh, and stop name calling please.

It is fair to call a position hypocrytical, if you can. Please don't just call me a hypocrite. Thank you.

Red Sox 8-0 vs. Yankees,

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Canedawg, what is your real name and approx where'bouts do you live? Pretty easy to bash others when you are hiding behind a monniker, with no location, eh? Also "low rent" and "cowardly," IMHO.


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At least Cheney only shuts down the river while he's fishing! Friend of the Left Wing,
Ted Turner, is doing his best to shut down fishing on entire stretches of "his "river. At least Cheney is a fisherman! What's Obama gonna do in retirement? Stroll along the rivers in France?
Bash all ya want.
This is a place where the walls really have eyes and ears.
So if the "Secret Service" knocks on your door, you will then know you shot your fat mouth off in the wrong place.
I love America, I support the "President of the United States" I don't agree how he does his job.
Just my .02

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I don't mind anyone bashing any or all politicians and public personalities. I just don't think much of bashing/name-calling another member here, when the basher is choosing to remain anonymous. That's all.


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My father took former president Jimmy Carter steelheading one Saturday in Oregon, I don't recall anyone shutting down the river on that day. Just a Secret Service agent up front with Jimmy and a boat behind with two more agents and a state trooper on the oars. Jimmy caught two nice chromers, the bodyguard boat got skunked. If I can find a pic I'll post it.


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Gary and Jim,

This thread was off on the wrong foot from the start when the original poster referred to Dick "head" Cheney. When it starts out like that you can expect folks to get their dander up.

I'm with ya Jim.
If a guy isn't man enough to step up to the plate and swing away. He's not much of a man at all.
Ya'll know where I'm coming from, so step up and swing away.
Tall cool ones when we're done.


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It takes all types to make a forum like this work. But when it comes right down to it we can all put our differences aside, grab a rod and drown a fly. We all have that in common, if nothing else. The last thing I would ever do is talk politics with a fishing partner. While I'm fishing I have much more important things on my my mind, like untangling that massive wind knot in my leader!
I suspect this thread is a snapshot of Obama supporters. "Those according to their needs. Those according to their means." I suspect you people will take more from this country, then you will ever give. I would take one Dick Cheney over a thousand of your types.
Canedawg, if that's your real name, why are you wasting your time on a thread rife with commies? Your innuendos and suspicions are much more at home on one of those neo-con skinhead sites where anyone who posts a an opinion or cites facts you don't like is attacked personally, their patriotism impugned, and words put in their mouths.

Fly fishing and critical thinking go hand in glove, so you're likely to find this a tough forum for defending politicians with environmental records that have earned them a special place in hell.

So go ahead and slur me as well, but be advised I spent 3 years in the marines, much of it fighting "communists" and have very little stomach for cowards and bullies who talk tough and hide behind their screen names or their privileged births. That includes draft dodgers like your Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld.

I do appreciate your offer to take Dick Cheney. Take him to one of those countries that want to try him for war crimes.

Alex MacDonald

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Putting aside the politics for a moment, I fully agree with those who are not pleased that somebody can simply shut down a stream because they want to throw a line. That does include Ted Turner's actions in Paradise valley, but at least he got thrown out of the steak house in town.

However, and first, Cheney's shooting accident is at least half the fault of his friend-dropping out for whatever reason, then popping up in front of the line at the moment a covy is flushed. Depending on the timing of the flush and the "Hi, I'm back" popup, I'm not certain I could have held my shot, either, and I've got more bird hunting experience than Cheney ever dreamt about. I don't have enough information on what actually happened to want to leap to vilifying the man.

Second, politics included, I assume that Mr. Freeman includes Bill Clinton in his list of draft dodgers? It's strange how we differ--I spent almost three years fighting communists myself, and consider Obama to be a larger threat to this nation than Charlie ever posed. I don't consider someone to be a draft dodger unless they fled to Canada.
Bill Clinton is another politician who used the system to avoid military service in the sixties. I can't comment on his motivation, since I don't know the man, and frankly, don't like him very much. I do know any number of guys my age who had honest convictions, and followed their conscience. I respect their right to do what they felt right, whether it was going into exile, going to prison, or enlisting in the marines, knowing they'd go in harm's way. That right to choice is why I am willing to fight for this country, even as I question the politics.

I feel entirely different about those who squirmed out of the personal sacrifice, yet are eager to send others into peril with a hearty "bring it on" to do something they are unwilling to risk themselves, then capitalize on the press to further their own careers and fortunes. I cannot get past the hypocrisy. To me, it's at least as disgusting as the women, who, themselves immune to the draft, liked to spit on guys returning from Viet Nam.

This has gone far astray of the thread, and I apologize for my part in that. I do feel there is a relationship between the two issues discussed here. There is a concept of entitlement and privilege, unpalatable to some, that lets Dick Cheney shut down public resources for his own enjoyment, or send thousands to their deaths. This thread addresses elitism, I believe Dick Cheney personifies it.