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Going out to the outer banks at the end of August and I was wondering what is the best patterns I should have in my box? I will be trying for speckled trout and stripers. Started tying clouser minnows of various colors. Anyone have any experience and recommendations?
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Think shrimp (crazy charlies), menhaden (bunker), and mullet patterns. There should also be silversides and anchovies around (Popovic's surf candies). For light tackle, there are pompano in the beach feeding on sand crabs. Also, be on the lookout for Little Tunny; they can be crashing the beaches at dawn, especially south of Ocracoke. Flounders are also pretty common fly targets out there.

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For a good web site, do a search for "flyfishingforum." It's a site run by a Cape Cod guide named Juro Mukai, who once lived out here and knows lots of our local fly fishers. You'll find all kind of east coast info. He may even be friends with our friendly message board administrators, but I didn't want put in the full URL...
If I remember correctly there should be Blue Fish available. I once landed a 30 inch hammerhead shark off Kitty Hawk. Immediately called the kids out of the water wondering where the shark's Mom and Dad were.
I grew up on the East Coast, fished the bays with a fly quite a bit. Any fly in the 3 inch range with white and green will do well. There's plenty of bait fish around the outer banks. Not so much for the shrimp patterns, but something that imitates mullet or anything silver will work. You don't need to convince them too hard, they all school and hit whatever is available.


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The shrimp are far more common on the bay side of the banks. Speckled trout are more likely to be on the bay side in the summer; they move out to the ocean side in the fall (along with most everything else).


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