Chesapeake Bay Stripers


has never caught a steelhead... (its sad, I know)
I took my brother Ryan out for stripers in the Chesapeake a couple weeks ago, and I finally got all the pictures downloaded. We went out with a guide named Brady Bounds who I would strongly recommend if you are ever in the area. Very special thanks to WFF member Walt K for the referral. I understand Capt. Bounds was one of the first Chesapeake guides to really cater to fly fishermen. We outfished all the gear fisherman around us.

We launched out of Soloman's Island, MD about mid-morning, to avoid some early storm activity. We first headed out to the middle of the bay to seek some top-water action. We found a few schools of menhaden but none were really being worked very hard by the fish, and we got no looks to our flies.

So, we headed into the shoreline to work the hot water outlet from a nearby power plant. The stripers were fast and furious where the outgoing tide collided with the discharge. None of the fish were very large, but they were enough to put a nice bend in an 8-weight.

We shifted over to some shore structure and fished sinking lines in 8-12 feet of water for a while. The fish here were bigger, but were still not huge. After this bite slowed down, we headed back out to the open water to again seek a top-water bite that would never materialize. We rounded out the day by working some different structure around an abandoned lighthouse, and working the mouth of a large river that feeds the bay. My brother picked up a couple more fish here to end the day.

All in all, no trophies, but a heck of a nice day...

Footnote 1: My brother is serving our country in the US Navy in Washington DC, so I only get to see him about once a year. This was a great reunion.

Footnote 2: I should also disclose that Ryan hooked (but did not land) the largest fish of the day. It was the biggest fish I ever saw...

Footnote 3: Those of you that know me know that I am about 6'2". Thus you can tell from the last picture that my brother is a behemoth. I think the guide was concerned for his boat's well-being when he was us for the first time. In the hands of a normal person, the fish my brother is holding would look enormous.