Leaving Wading Boots Behind

Trying to save on weight in the pack because we are planning a 15 mile hike into the alpines. I don't want to bring my wading boots so I'm trying to figure out what everyone else does in this situation. I will have a float tube and gortex waders. How do you keep your fins from slipping off of your neoprene booties? Thanks for the help. Matt

Ed Call

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If you have to save the weight of your boots consider two options that I've used. Do your fins size down to fit the neoprene booties directly? Can you find a pair of beach runners or aqua type socks (cheap as heck) that will fit over your neoprene booties and fill out the gaps in your fins? I have a set that fit over my neoprenes and then into my force fins (model without adjustable foot cup but does have an adjustable heel strap). Good luck.
Hi Ed,

Yaaaa, I tried cinching down the fins to my feet but still a lot of floppage. I was thinking about getting something light and cheap to put over my neoprene booties like you suggested. I think thats the ticket. Matt


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Try a pair of flats booties, they're light and can be found cheaply at places like Outdoor Emporium. On a recent trip to Chopaka I forgot my flats booties (actually, a pair of Chota tubing booties, kind of super flats booties) but brought along a pair of sandals. Sandals weren't the perfect solution but worked pretty well for a week.

Alex MacDonald

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Bugboy, locate a pair of fin keepers online or in a local surf shop, and that'll keep your fins on your feet at least. You might also try a local scuba shop for thicker neoprene booties with an actual sole, designed for rocky shorelines, and glue a little felt on them to make your fins fit better. I've never found a satisfactory solution to this situation, including Korkers with the interchangeable soles.
Alex, Preston, Ed, thanks. All great solutions. Flats boots/booties, larger Neoprene Booties, I'll check them out. Thanks again, Matt

Ed Call

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Not sure of the weight of my Korkers Guide boots but I'm pretty sure they are at or below 3lbs. Pretty light and I like the Boa closure.

Bob Balder

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Corkers work.
Walking soles on the Corkers for the hike in, change up souls if you want. Hike in them and fish in them, what a concept.
On the other hand......no fun to walkout in any boot if it is wet.
I think the best solution is the flats boot. Relatively light, inex[pensive and they really do the job.
Have a great time!
On multi day trips I pack a pair of Keen sandals. They dry out quickly and are great to wear around camp. They also provide just enough foot support for float tubing or river wading. Plus, they seem to expand and contract well by design, fitting nicely over wader booties.

My son and I are heading out to Idaho on Wednesday for a week of backcountry river fishing. We'll be wading in our Keens...
I will be heading into the back country later this year and I was having the same dilemma. What I think I am going to do is buy a cheapo kids raft and use that to get out into the lake. Much less weight than bringing a float tube, waders, fins, and some type of boots. The ones I am thinking about are the ones from Wally world that are < $20.