Any of the Spokane area lakes have nice fishing docks?

I'm looking for some lakes that have a decent fishing dock available to the public. Type of fish in the lake doesn't matter. Just something that is accessible. Post up if you know something!
The resort at the N end of Sprague has a decent dock. you have to pay a few bucks to fish but for the last year or so it has always paid off. I think the resorts at Williams has one although I'm not sure. Good luck
Check out Fish Trap lake - 20 miles West of Spokane on I-90, can't miss the signs (Fish Trap Lake exit - road goes south for a couple of miles to the lake). There are several docks to fish from, or you can rent a little motor boat for cheap. Lots of trout and a few catfish.

Guy Gregory

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Clear Lake has a fishing dock, as does Williams at Klink's resort, in addition to the advice above. You might need a couple of bucks, but there are places..