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Brought to you by Beretta USA and yours truly..SAK, Beretta's "Wild and Raw". Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and Beretta Pro Shooter Scott Robertson go 13 episodes of fast paced antics hunting all over the world in a way ONLY SAK can bring it to you. This IS a hunting show, NOT a fishing show. Rest assured, Season II will include fishing, with guns and Navy SEALs, wait and see what we have in store for you fishing wise next season. I have spent the last 8 months of my life on this project, if you get a chance. Check it out.

Scot K


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I was just watching the latestest Catch Mag and thinking I hadn't seen anything from SAK lately.

I don't know if i would crawl into a small dug-out and go croc hunting. fat man can't swim that fast


...has several mistresses.
Oh you wait....I have the next 30-60 days to myself, I am sitting here tying as I type, had to chase moths out of the fly desk.....I am going deep, will surface for air here and there...stay tuned....I still shoot fish.


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