Wisker bamboo rods

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Anyone familiar or have any info on this maker. I have been told he was in/from Wa., but could find no reference. Defunct, or perhaps a name change?


My name is Mark Oberg
Not familiar with him but here are some info I found.

Cut and paste from fleabay

This rod is something special for sure! I posted many pictures so please take a close look. Everything used in the building of this rod is top grade. The blank is a newly built blond ,heat tempered bamboo blank that is 7' 4". It is a 3 piece 2 tip rod. The action is medium to medium soft with a near parabolic feel. It is made to cast a 4 or 5 wt. line. One tip is a bit softer than the other so it is a true 2 tip rod. The seat is a custom built, down locking sliding band type made from burl madrone hard wood and nickel silver turned hardware and a custom made cork grip. This one is a 7" torpedo style that is similar to a cigar type but this style offers a better and more comfortable grip and is perfect for larger hands. The cork is AAAA and is beautifull. The stripper guide is a goldenwitch red garnet aget and wire bezzle in nickle silver. The snakes are all stainless steel as are the tip top's. It's wrapped in garnet thread and tipped it in black that blends nicely with the wood seat and garnet aget stripper. This rod will make a great multi purpose rod that will work for smallmouth bass as well as trout. It is small enough to cast in heavy cover but big enough to handle the big ones. It's already waxed it up so it is ready to fish right away. I can't stress enough how nice this rod is. If you want a rod that is a joy to fish and makes your fishing buddies jealous then this is for you. Everything used in the building of this rod is of the highest quality. With proper care, this rod will last a life time. My starting price is way below the cost of the materials used to build it. Thank you for looking and good luck!

Kent Lufkin

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Just because his name is on the rod doesn't mean he actually built the blank. Real bamboo builders have poured so much time, sweat and love into their rods, they're proud to sign their names to every rod. If you can't find out anything about the rod's maker except what's on eBay, he may not have actually made it.

The finish seems uneven in places, and that grip looks clunky to me. I am no expert on rods in any capacity, and have only built three all bamboo. But I am a custom guitar builder, and fit and finish will make our break us even if the guitar sounds incredible.
Is the Redwood air dried? Would be killer to see 40 gpi old growth these days that is not sinker. I would only use that for the sound board. The back and sides should be some nice Brazilian Rosewood for that top. $1200 bass price for my instruments. I would take $250 off if you provide the top. Then it is just adding up the inlays, binding, purfling, electronics, tuners.....all those exotic upgrades if you want them.

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