Anyone interested in a fishing partner in the Kitsap area?

I've never fished salt, but am very anxious to learn it. Especially with the huge pink run coming soon. Was wondering if anyone in the Kitsap area would be interested in a fishing partner to split costs, and maybe throw a few tips my way. I have a 6/7 wt setup that I bought this winter with saltwater in mind, and I am wanting to get out. I work swing shift mon.-fri. at the shipyard in Bremerton, so I have most mornings available to fish, as well as weekends. Anyway, really would love to meet some fly fishing friends, and have someone to get out with from time to time. Anyone interested shoot me a PM.


Ed Call

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Nick, there are a bunch of Kitsappers around. We even have periodic meetings (evenings) that D3Smartie started a while back. Find that thread and PM those that have contributed to that thread and you'll have more fishing options than you can shake a 6/7 wt at. Mornings are nearly impossible for this cubicle bound sap, but if I can ever make it out to fish I'd be happy to watch you outfish me.
Hi Nick,

I have reached old gomer status so don't have a work schedule to keep anymore. I am always looking for someone to fish with. I live in Port Orchard. I enjoy fishing the lakes and beaches. I am booked up this and next week with family duties but will be available after the 17th through the 30th. Going on Alaska cruise for week starting 7/31. Ok probably already told you more than you want to know.


ps: I'd go with Ed but he lives to far from me to meet up regularly.

Ed Call

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Mike we just have to split the difference or fish some evenigns when I get off work...
Are they letting you fish off the fantail of the cruise ship? Are you day tripping out into salmon rich waters?

Nick, take Mike up on his offer, he's pretty cool for a pretty pram rower!
Ed, My wifes sister and her husband are also going along with us. He is an avid fly fisherman from Michigan. He has talked about taking a side fly in trip but they are all $500 or more. I am not in favor of that since that is a lot of bucks for just a few hours of fishing. I think Will R is going to try some beach fishing on his cruise. Haven't heard how that went yet.

Nick, send me a PM if you want to get together.


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