monthly photo thread (?)

RANDALL I really LIKE the wall tent photo alot great image! good tones and textures plus the geometric centerpoint. great stuff.

not sure what I have posted in here lately.

here is a holga (meduim format) mixed media print i gave to some spokane indian friends of mine. (Spokane River)

wish i had some1 fly casting from the small isalnd thing... oh well.

speyters gonna hate

thats all for now. hopefully i didnt post any of this previously if i did sry!


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Playing around with a cheap lighting setup for shooting flies and such. Two 10 inch metal reflectors cost about 8 bucks each and 2 5000k, 100 watt fluorescent bulbs about 6 bucks each.


John Hicks

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A few shots of mine. I hope you guys like them.

A nice hen from the Cow.

Fall foliage in New England.

I know not fishing related but I like this shot of the stock exchange bull. Took it in 2006.

A shot of Downtown San Fran.


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