monthly photo thread (?)

It is good to start them early, but several years ago I had to keep pushing them in our keep in shape winter hikes up a steep ridge. Now, I want them to slow down a little.

Could have used a little more zoom on this one,

Watch your step, you might stub your toe and get wet

Grant, I walked that same trail a few months ago and cannot wait to get back.

Kerry, I caught a nice native hen on the swing just above that tree in the same run. Great run and an overall amazing place.
I love this thread, some really excellent photos, thanks for sharing!

Mine aren't so great, but they do document the heaviest snowfall in Rome since 1985, with about a foot falling overnight. Not much compared to what you guys get, but enough to paralyze transportation in the city.


Photos from my workplace

The courtyard of my apartment building

Street outside the apartment


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