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I traveled up to Issaquah this past week to do scout areas to live. Took a detour on the way back to CA to Multnomah Falls. Shot on my Note 4 in panorama mode, panning up instead of sideways.

Also found a lake I really liked near North Bend; the trout were getting some good air and I even ran across some other fly fishers getting off the water. I didn't fish; I was on crutches.


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Thought I'd share a couple fishing related birds. I was once removing my hook from a fish at my side on the O'Hair when the line suddenly came alive. There were a lot of insects coming off the water that day and a swallow had tangled itself in the line hanging between my rod tip and the water. Surprisingly, it did not struggle, allowing me to unwrap the loop of line and let it fly off from my palm. They are always hard to catch in flight (pun intended) and I got lucky with this shot over the weekend.

Cliff Swallow

Although I primarily fish rivers, these yellow-headed balckbirds and their obnoxious call remind me of some very good lake fishing trips.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

And this last one has nothing to do with fishing but I thought the stare was cool.

Burrowing Owl

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